The challenge of # SerFeminista in Africa

Understanding the burden of having declared feminist significance in rural areas of Africa is difficult from our Western eyes.


Date: Thursday 28 November from 17.00

Where: Headquarters Alliance for Solidarity

This reflection is one of those on our tour of the rural communities in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau share with our colleagues from local organizations. Of them speak and write about their work, their activism and their lives as feminists Article Matida and Fatou: The courage of feminist women of Casamance.

On November 28 we have the opportunity to dialogue with Fatoumata Bintou, Senegal, Matida Daffeh, Gambia, and Awa Keita from Guinea Bissau, around what are the challenges and how to face them #SerFeminista in Africa.

With the aim of bringing meaning to work for equality in rural Africa, will chat with our African partners, gender responsible civil society in Senegal, Gambia and Guinea Bissau.

This dialogue is counting surrounding a communal and ethnic and experiential way which is personal and professional work for women's rights and equality in their family,.

You can follow the dialogue on social networks and through #SerFeminista @africasemueve

Throughout the week we will update the information about this event.

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November 28 from 18.30 in nuestrra headquarters

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