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Alliance for solidarity becomes part of the Federation ActionAid

The world is global. Alliance is global. Today we have entered a part of Action Aid In...

The Aquarius was already here

On Monday we woke up with the news that the Aquarius, a boat rescue SOS meditate...

Migrant women: the invisible heroines of the 21st century

Report of the workshop on female migrants in Madrid organized by Alliance for solidarity

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Where we are

Jordania Palestina Argelia Marruecos Mauritania Senegal Gambia Guinea Bissau Mozambique Colombia Haití Nicaragua El Salvador Guatemala

What we do

Social change: we strengthen citizens to promote their empowerment
Legal and policy change: we promote laws and policies which reduce poverty and inequality and protect human rights
Economic change: we lead initiatives that guarantee environmental and human sustainability
Humanitarian action: the prevention and protection of the human rights of people affected by conflict and natural disasters

"We promote people's development and human rights"

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