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17O: Against # RiquezaqueEmpobrece

Once again this year we encourage you to celebrate with us the week against Poverty


To celebrate the October 17th International Day for the Eradication of Poverty, along will be held this week multiple actions throughout the Spanish State that you can see here.

October 17 is World Day for the Eradication of Poverty. This year with more reasons than ever to Spanish Alliance against Poverty and Social Summit manifest rejection of the policy of cuts that excuse compliance with the deficit, increasingly impoverished population within and outside our country.

The progressive weakening of social policies as education, equality, education, cooperation, dependence, culture ... - is dismantling the welfare state and expelling extreme poverty and exclusion of millions of people. For cooperation policy, the Budget for 2014 put the percentage for this policy in the 0.17% of GNI - comparable to levels almost 30 years ago.

Given this reality, we believe that instead of "recovery budgets" as the called the government- should talk about the "poverty budgets."

There are alternatives: cut fraud and no rights

The government argues that cuts in social policies, policies of gender equality in political cooperation, the austerity imposed on our economic, social and cultural rights that are leaving the poverty line and thousands of citizens citizens, are supposed to no money to meet EU requirements to put a limit to our fiscal deficit. However, according to experts in the Treasury, the Spanish state loses 90,000 million per year due to tax evasion, made by 72% for large companies and fortunes. The Observatory on Corporate Social Responsibility says that 33 of the 35 companies that make up the Dow 35 have funds in tax havens.

17O : Contra la #RiquezaqueEmpobrece - Alianza por la Solidaridad

In Madrid the demonstration on 17, will begin at 19pm., Opposite the tax office, located at Calle Alcalá, 5, and go to Neptune, which end up reading a manifesto.

Under the slogan "Against #riquezaqueempobrece acts" demonstrate the government #PastaHay thing to do is collect it and redistribute it conveniently to guarantee the human rights of people.

We encourage you to participate and movilizaros in social networks through #RiquezaqueEmpobrece.


19h a 20:30h


From the tax office (Calle Alcalá 5) until Neptune

To effectively combat poverty, we need to create a just and sustainable world in which all human beings can realize their rights, and enjoy a life free of violence and poverty.

Solidarity and justice from a global perspective are part of the solution to the crisis. Therefore, respect and promotion of Human, Economic, Social, Cultural and Environmental Rights is binding our rulers and a right of all citizens.

We believe there is much to do and we can get between all / os.

See you in the streets !!

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