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# ForoMigrante: Dialogue between local authorities, civil society groups and migrants. Barcelona, ​​20 and 21 September

Migration and Development in the agenda beyond 2015

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How to find the solution to forced migration whether to hide the real causes? How to deepen the look about human mobility? How EU policies support or hinder the recruitment of immigrants in Europe? How to generate networks and spaces at intercultural dialogue from home? What we have to say at the United Nations on Migration and Development? How the civil society we help build policies based on respect for the human rights of migrants?

They are on migration and development issues addressed in various meetings in which we participated Alliance for Solidarity and Senegalese Partnership Coordinator of Catalunya and in this forum on Migration and Development want to discuss with individuals, groups and local authorities directly involved in social change.

The ForoMigrante we celebrate on 20 and 21 September in Barcelona aims to be a starting point for, beyond 2015, Continue transforming between all, people, groups and authorities, a society we want diverse and multicultural, supportive, transparent and open to public participation and local institutions to dialogue and that essentially respects the human rights of migrants.

To do this, ForoMigrante reflect on the proposals submitted by the civil society in the High Level Dialogue on Migration and Development, So that collective migrants can influence the international agenda as political actors, and thus build bridges from the local to the global.

Discussions of # ForoMigrante Barcelona used to work for a common position ahead of the conclusion of High Level Forum on Migration and Development, Which will have an active participation of civil society.

For as William Gois said at the United Nations "We have been working in a constructive dialogue. Today, we have come to define a dialog TRANSFORMER

The ForoMigrante organized by Alliance for Solidarity and CASC (Coordinadora d'Associacions Senegalese de Catalunya) is held at the headquarters of CCOO de Catalunya on 20 and 21 September 2013. Has CEPAIM collaboration and partner organizations of the project "Les OMD pour les MDGs"

cascCheck here Program ForoMigrante

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5 Responses to "# ForoMigrante: Dialogue between local authorities, civil society groups and migrants. Barcelona, ​​20 and 21 September "

  1. Hello Mr. Secretary! I received the message and I assure you I ask to change estaré.Pero date: 21 September and 14 September. Thank you.

    • Bullfight says:

      Hello Oumar, the September 14 corresponds only to the date of publication of this post announcing the ForoMigrante for 20 and 21 September in Barcelona. Thanks and see you there!

  2. Olivier Jean Fitzgerald NIASSY says:

    Thanks for this conference and wish to be helpful to everyone.

  3. Olivier Jean Fitzgerald NIASSY says:

    We hope the local authorities, the collective migrans and civil society?

    They expect us to immigrans?

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