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PARAGUA Initiative: red for the right to water


The Paragua Initiative, Composed of Spanish and Nicaraguan NGO, aims strengthen management capacity Water Committees and Sanitation to ensure better democratic water governance in 17 municipalities in the departments of Managua, León, Chinandega and Jinotega (Nicaragua)

Paragua is promoted by NGOs with extensive experience in the process of community water managementWithin these organizations include: Ecology and Development (ECODES); Friends of the Earth; Alliance for Solidarity; ONGAWA; Engineering Without Borders Valencia, CUCULMECA; CIEETS; LEADER and New Generation Foundation

The consortium aims to share with others working in community management model implementation and results achieved so far.

The Gender Analysis "Women and water management: advancing equality"Was the first step of the Paragua Initiative and translated gender gaps identified in the community management of water and sanitation into action and work options to consider in the effective introduction of the gender perspective.

In the first year of the project a study of the status and capabilities was performed of the major players in community management of water. The investigation, which began as a baseline project was extended to understand the community water management, the role of women and gender gaps.

2 Responses to “Iniciativa PARAGUA: red por el derecho al agua”

  1. Claudia Arlanzon says:


    My name is Claudia Arlanzón, I am of Spanish and European nationality graduated in Social Work.

    I am contacting you, to offer my services as a professional, in September 2014 in Nicaragua.
    I have experience in project design and in different areas of intervention, both in Spain and Nicaragua.

    In case you are interested in my profile, I will forward my Curriculum and major accredited qualifications.

    Awaiting your reply Yours sincerely,
    Claudia Arlanzón.



    Mi nombre es Claudia Arlanzón, soy de nacionalidad española y graduada europea en Trabajo Social.

    Me pongo en contacto con Ustedes, para ofrecerles mis servicios como profesional, a partir de septiembre del 2014 en Nicaragua.
    Tengo experiencia en el diseño de proyectos, así como en diferentes áreas de intervención, tanto en España como en Nicaragua.

    En el caso de estar interesados en mi perfil, les remitiré mi Curriculum y las principales titulaciones acreditadas.

    Esperando su respuesta, les saluda atentamente,
    Claudia Arlanzón.

    • admin says:

      Hola Claudia,

      En el apartado Nosotr@s encontrarás la sección trabaja en ApS donde publicamos todas nuestras vacantes, te invito a que la consultes de vez en cuando para ver si alguna oferta encaja con tu perfil. También puedes ponerte en contacto directamente con nuestra oficina en Nicaragua.


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