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Blog - an adventure in the Sahel

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Sankara Spirit

"A mobilized youth is a power capable of scaring the same atomic bombs," says a stand with the enormous image of Thomas Sankara during FESPACO, Africa's most important film festival held every two years in Ouagadougou, Burkina's capital Faso. The post has all kinds of books, [...]

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Let's be clear: neocolonialism

"We're fed up," "We finally understood," "If France doesn't leave of its own free will, it will have to do it with a knife." If there is one thing that is clear by travelling through Africa, and more specifically by the Sahel, it is the fed-up of ordinary people, the popular classes and the general population in relation to the [...]

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Doors closed

Her smile emerges through the half-closed door, as we perform a word group with several migrants – expelled, refugees, returnees...- The little girl is no more than four years old and interrupts us to play with one of her "uncles" with those who have been with for months living in this foster home of a social entity [...]

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Bamako: intra-African movements

Mali's capital, Bamako, is another stop on my way, another stop on the migration route that crosses Africa, not just to Europe, but also to the Maghreb countries. These are the majority movements, intra-Africans, regional and circular and it is necessary to remember it at all times. Images of the dead in the Mediterranean or [...]

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Agadez: the jewel of the desert

The first time I was in Agadez, it fascinated me. My second visit, far from waning that feeling, has increased it. Agadez is a cosmopolitan city, a meeting point between southern and northern Sahara peoples, a long-standing transit space and cultural and architectural wonder, deserved World Heritage Of Humanity. It is [...]

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