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Lanzamos el concurso de proyectos “Andalucía se llena de África”

Si eres africano/africana, y has hecho con nosotros la formación y la práctica, anímate a presentar tu propio proyecto, puedes ser el ganador o ganadora y dar a conocer África a la población de tu ciudad.


In Andalusia, the Solidarity Alliance is carrying out a project entitled "Andalusia is full of Africa" ​​funded by the AACID. In this procedure, 75 persons of African and origin resident in Huelva, Seville and Granada conducted a training course in late 2013 in which they reflected on the stereotypes that exist in Africa and the role that they and they here to promote coexistence and multiculturalism.

In the first six months of 2014, participants Africans have launched hundreds of awareness activities with Spanish population. They were treated issues such as coexistence, migration, other faces of Africa, African women ... They have also shared their culture through musical activities, crafts and cuisine. The Spanish people have participated in these activities have valued experience in the first person of African and have been able to perceive the otherwise African continent to which they are accustomed.

Today starts a new era: we launched the Project Competition Development Education "Andalusia is full of Africa." In competition seeks to reward and carry out projects aimed at improving intercultural coexistence in Andalusia that contribute to improve the knowledge on the African continent (current situation, strengths, initiatives), migration (rights of migrants) and give meet proposals of African people in different areas (economy, health, education, fellowship, associations, political) for both their countries of origin and Andalusia.

The deadline for submitting proposals is from July 7 to September 20, 2014. In each city the two best projects, providing them with funds for the implementation of the proposal will be awarded: In Huelva winner will be € 750 and second place € 500. In Seville and Granada (two awards in each city) the first win € 1,500 and € 1,000 second.

For the contest must meet the following requirements (see full Bases):

- Being African, African.
- Have habitual residence in Huelva, Seville or Granada.
- At least one person submitting the project must have completed the process of Theoretical and Practical Training entitled "Andalusia is filled with Africa".
- Having filled sections of the form of projects and I have given a maximum term September 20 at 15: 00h.
- The delivery of project documentation can be done by the following means: deliver it to the office of Alliance for Solidarity in Seville or Granada, deliver by mail to (Huelva y Sevilla) o a (Granada).

Pincha para descargar las Bases Complete and Formulario to propose your project.

For more information:

Beatriz Suárez Relinque

Ana Gómez Haro

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It seeks to reward and carry out projects aimed at improving intercultural coexistence in Andalusia

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