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#RompiendoRumoresRacistas: "Internal working is a bargain"

Julissa Jauregui


In Spain almost 700 thousand people work in domestic service. It is a feminized sector (90% are women) where the majority are migrants. According to IOM by the year 2015, the first occupation of women migrants remains domestic service, making Spain the country in Europe with the largest number of home workers.

This work has a great precariousness and standard checkout, it is invisible and also underappreciated, being reflected in their labour and wage conditions. Those working in this sector do not have such right to the benefit by unemployment, do not have labour inspectorates that allow to control the conditions in which they work, being exposed to abuses and arbitrary.

In the months of November and January last from Alliance for solidarity were workshops around situations such as racism, xenophobia, Islamophobia and communication, dynamised by SOS Racism Madrid aiming to dismantle prejudices and stereotypes that it is built in winch to migrants. These days were developed within the framework of the project we carried out with the support of the city of Madrid: "Migrant Women and Human Rights: Exchanging, Weaving Networks and Strengthening the Exercise of Their Rights"

The purpose is to promote the involvement of citizens in the struggle against racism through the formation of agents anti-rumour that know how to deal with stereotypes and prejudices which are related to migrants. This is reflected in various groups and spaces as the coexistence service, Colombia House, High Council Malian, SEDOAC (domestic active duty), Provivienda, among others, on the racism as a structural problem that goes beyond individual racist attitudes, but that were analyzed as a system of oppression that is expressed in different ways and affecting different areas of the life of a migrant or racialized person: labour, education, health, etc.

Result of these workshops is the video in which the protagonist is Delia, Treasurer of SEDOAC where dismantling prejudice: "Working internal is a bargain". Working in this mode in many cases women abused by their employers who take advantage of the need for employment, exposed to different violence such as sexual, racist harassment, threats of being fired or call the police when they don't documentation. And it is that, if they are in an irregular administrative situation, "without papers", are facing the difficulties of the Aliens Act which obliges you to be three years in this situation so that they can regulate it through the complex process of rooting.

Therefore, so various groups such as the SEDOAC are organised to make visible their reality as home workers and care and require ratification of the Convention 189, ILO that would be the equality of rights with any other worker or worker and have full rights and decent wage and working conditions from the claim that as political subjects.

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