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Solidari @ s by blue gold: Human Right to Water


The struggle for recognition Human Right to Water has come a long way, and after more than a decade of demands, proposals and claims, the July 28, 2010 was achieved recognition by the United Nations.

However, even today, inequality in access to and enjoyment of the human right to water and sanitation remain one of the great challenges of the XXI century. 768 million people still lack access to improved water sources and more than 2,500 million people lack access to decent sanitation, which makes for Solidarity Alliance remains one of our priorities of work, especially in Central

Until 18 May in Zaragoza, the Exhibition "Blue Gold: Law and Commitment" appeals to consider this public good, water as a valuable element to be essential for life. Without it there is no future. States should be the guarantors of the human right to water and to do so as we continue to demand civil society.

Therefore, from Alliance for Solidarity still working on the citizen mobilizationThe incidence (#MargalloMojate) And training and awareness.

In the context of this exhibition, organized various activities:

Domingos de Oro Azul (11h30 to 12h): reservados para los más pequeños. A través del juego y la imaginación, podrán aprender desde cómo funciona una depuradora hasta la cantidad de agua virtual required to produce the food we eat.

Domingo 6 de abril: taller “Ingenios del agua”
Domingo 13 de abril: taller “Jabón y Pompas”
Domingo 27 de abril: taller “Cocina ecológica”

Saturday Blue Gold. "Solidarity for blue gold": Workshops (communication, development cooperation, inequality and gender) for public university in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza.

Sábado 12 de abril: taller de comunicación sobre derecho humano al agua
Sábado 26 de abril: charla con el director de la cátedra de Cooperación para el Desarrollo de la Universidad de Zaragoza, José Ramón Moreno, sobre derecho humano al agua.

Thursday, Blue Gold. "Aquatic Inspirations"
lectures, symposia with photographers, musicians and journalists about the implications existing between their works and the human right to water and sanitation.

Jueves 10 de abril: exposición fotográfica “El valor del agua en Centroamérica” de Jesús Antoñanzas
Jueves 24 de abril: inspiraciones acuáticas con el músico José Luis Romeo

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