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Two million refugees, two million reasons to help

siria tarjeton

The Syrian conflict has caused one of the worst humanitarian crises of this century. There are now 100,000 dead and 2 million refugees and emergency continues as winter approaches Alianza por la Solidaridad, as an organization with 20 years of humanitarian experience in the area, take sides in this war for the most vulnerable refugees, to which the statements of politicians still do not solve the serious problems for daily survival.

Many of the refugees had a normal life before the war. Now outside their country without economic resources to succeed you have a difficult future.

We need your support to meet Syrian refugee women who are coming to the regions where we intervene in Jordan and LebanonWhere we see that some daily needs are not being met by anyone. With tu SMS, we can offer siras psychosocial support to refugees.

Our Work in the Region

mapa siria

For more than 20 years Palestinian refugees in response to health care and combating violence against women. But the emergency in recent months to feel the responsibility of solving the issue of Syrian refugees, who face in 1 in 3 cases of child marriages.

So far we have done:

  • Above 160,000 medical consultations services, 25% of which are specifically about women's health.
  • 25,000 people have attended training on health.
  • 200,000 people, 10% women, have been trained to prevent violence against women
  • Created 100 groups of women doing activities dand awareness of refugee communitiess.

I remember as assist in less than 1 minute

  • Send an SMS with the word ALLIANCE to 28014 *. It costs just $ 1.20 to be allocated entirely to the campaign.
  • You can make a contribution the number of open account at Banco Santander: 0049-1892-63-2210210792
  • Donate on line. In take more than 2 minutes.
  • Whatsappea our campaign in your groups, cut and paste: "2 million refugees in Syria. 2 million reasons to help. Send a text message with the word Alliance to 28014. " Thanks, NGO Alliance for Solidarity.

You can call us on 915986290 ext 30 and we will answer all your questions

6 Responses to "Two million refugees, two million reasons to help"

  1. admin says:

    I encourage! I have sent the sms

    • Jose Ramon Rodriguez says:

      Two thousand years of civilization and man remains the greatest enemy of man. Inequity, selfishness and violence continue to rise and reach excessive dimensions. Nigún pound country. There is more to look at our own reality.

    • jneid hassan Takkala says:

      politics by leading OBAMA, the situation is not sustainable, the Syrian people do not need lemosnas, requires great powers left alone

  2. mertxe glez.mendoza says:

    Kaixo have a question about my little ruse called me yesterday and made a symbolic donation, although no documentation pedi told me they are sending me in a few days, my concern is for giving my bank account so lightly in times we're cheating I was wrong right? eskerrikasko and

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