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In favor of the decriminalization of abortion

We support the actions within the framework of the campaign September 28 in favor of the decriminalization of abortion.


Alliance for solidarity works in favour of sexual rights and reproductive women in Latin America for more than 10 years and in Bolivia leads the campaign without risk #SinRiesgo that promotes the social decriminalization of abortion. With reason September 28, day for the decriminalization of abortion, the Solidarity Alliance will mobilize in favour of the right to free abortion, safe and free in the region and Spain will join the mobilizations of the feminist movement.

Latin America is one of the regions with more restrictive laws reference to abortion and yet is the region with the highest rates of abortion, and countries with high rates of maternal mortality. Despite the restrictions, it has been the region where most progress has been made in the positioning of this agenda, proof of this is the Consensus Montevideo agreed in 2014, States recommended the decriminalization of abortion to avoid and reduce mortality from unsafe abortions and the criminalization of women.

Bolivia, a country where Alliance has a job held for more than 20 years, has a causal abortion law (rape, possibility of damage to)Cartel-28S-Madrid-1 (1) the mother, malformation of the fetus that is incompatible with life, women who already are in charge of dependent and pregnant people are students or children). Despite this normative framework, Bolivia ranks second in Latin America in maternal mortality (206) behind Haiti (359) and is second in rates of sexual violence, something which, no doubt, should be taken as a public health problem.

Barriers and limitations on access to sexual and reproductive rights of women in the region are compounded by the rapid advance of the far right around the world, but especially in Latin America and the proliferation of speech they justify discrimination against women and, through manipulation and the populism they criminalize their struggles.


We find these barriers in churches and institutions, especially police and medical personnel, as it conscientious objection a strategy of the latter hinder access to a safe abortion. This obstacle primarily affects low-income, young, mostly indigenous and rural women. These situations can also see them in the Spanish case, where, despite a law favourable to abortion, there are differences between autonomous communities in accessing this.

Consider it essential in this context from Alliance for solidarity work for the decriminalization of abortion and influencing the removal of barriers encountered by women to gain access to the free and open, abortion specifying of secular States that does not intervene in the exercise of their rights, influence to ensure is the access to comprehensive sex education, access to contraception and put an end to the barriers preventing women access to safe and free abortion.

This is why that, since by the solidarity and partnership within the framework of the campaign without risk in Bolivia we will be doing various actions to support our partners; We will carry out a process of awareness to journalists, the creation of murals news in the streets and the positioning of the subject in social networks, also we will mobilize in the streets with the organizations of the movReclamos-28S-square-06feminist maintenance.

At the level of the Spanish State we encourage us support on this day so important to guarantee women the full exercise of their rights and join us through social networks with hashtags #AbortoLibre, #HablemosDeAborto and #GritoGlobal and participate in demonstrations led by the feminist movement)here his manifesto).

Finally, we invite you to support the DECLARATION written by important organizations which will be read at the 39 session of the Human Rights Council of the UN in Geneva, urged the Council to condemn and treat attacks on collective defenders of the right to abortion, and to respect and protect the defenders rights that address these cases.

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