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Graduation diploma: "Journalism with approach of gender for the prevention of violence towards women"


Friday 5 October the diploma graduation ceremony took place: Journalism with gender approach for the prevention of violence against women Thanks to the support of the Spanish Agency of international cooperation for development - AECID and work together with the Foundation for journalism and the Nuestra Señora de La Paz University.

12 women and one man concluded successfully the first diploma for journalists, after more than three months of training with professionals recognized and acknowledged in the defence of the rights of women. The graduation ceremony was attended from Elena Alfageme, coordinator country of Alliance solidarity; Renán Estensoro, director of the Foundation for journalism; and Bernardo Paz, Director of post degree of the University Our Lady of La Paz.

"Daring to take a diploma with these characteristics, it is daring to break personal, what troubles, bad lessons learned and what we must improve" were the words of Sandra Aliaga, Coordinator of the learning and teaching process of the initial modules of the diploma.

From Alliance for solidarity and the Foundation for journalism It was agreed that the processes of training and empowerment of women in their rights are important; Therefore, the incorporation of the gender perspective in the journalistic process with the addition of a new look respectful and active in the defence of women's rights and prevention of violence.

In this way, the diploma was aimed at contributing to a better media on the theme of gender approach; train journalists in the scope of the new law against violence against women existing in the country and provide theoretical and methodological tools to produce their news products with this approach. In the form b-learning (50% online and 50% attendance), with the exception of the first matter conducted by Sandra Aliaga who was face-to-face in their entirety. The student body was able to critically analyze their personal, work environment and to generate practical solutions to the everyday life of their professions (social communication, journalism, fashion design, police, among others).

Graduation, most reports and Chronicles, works will be published in the country's renowned media and the virtual platform of the Foundation for journalism that has with around 9000 constant visitors. In this way partnerships and engagement with institutions dedicated to the improvement and training journalists and media can generate more conversation, discussion, and visibility of the social, political, economic, and cultural problems that They concern women daily in our country.

He is expected to achieve new versions of the certification program and generating growth in the network of journalists engaged and committed to the defense of the rights of women and a life free of violence for all and everyone.

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