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Journalists present proposals to municipal authorities

The Union of Workers in Alternative Media and Community (STCAC) of the municipality of El Alto and Popular Communicators Network Apacheta Ancoraimes municipality in Bolivia, submitted proposals against violence and insecurity to authorities as part a process that seeks citizen participation and the media, called civic journalism.

periodismo civico ancoraimes violencia propuestas

These two groups of journalists and popular communicators in their communities identified the existence of problems related to the violence that women and girls are victims. In front of them, they held consultation processes using surveys and interviews to obtain data from the community. For Ancoraimes were reached applying 564 surveys (282 men, 241 women and 41 people who did not check the data) and in the case of The Alto 455 students, 20 teachers and 55 people came to the neighboring area of ​​the Education Unit October 12

Results demonstrated that a 14.94% of male students and 18.02% of female students of the Education Unit October 12 in El Alto have experienced some form of assault by drunk people who are in the bars and brothels in the streets of their school.

Furthermore, the results of the query in the town of Ancoraimes between their results gave the adolescents in this town consider situations of violence living in community (33%), family (31%) and in relationships with their partners (18%)

With the results of the consultation was convened in two different events with local authorities to achieve commitments and actions in the coming months.

What were the demands of the population?

The population of the Education Unit on October 12 in El Alto sued:

- Equipment for police units in the area and patrols.

- Police surveillance around the property.

- Control on the sale and consumption of alcoholic beverages minors in the vicinity of the educational unit.

- Transfer, closure and decommissioning of bars and cantinas (there are about 20 of these in the surrounding streets.).

Some of the points that the student population of the municipality of Ancoraimes sued were:

- Training courses on violence and trafficking and smuggling.

- Construction of shelters for victims of violence.

- Municipal Plan to prevent and eradicate violence against women and children.

- Establishment of an Integrated Legal Services for Women.

- Presence of the Ombudsman for Children in the most remote communities.

- Increased budget to address violence in the town.

- Protocol support for victims of violence in educational units.

What is citizen journalism?

Civic journalism is a methodology that aims to promote the participation of citizens and the media in the formulation of demands and proposals to the authorities.

This methodology has been one of the activities that our partner is working Calender several years. As Alliance for Solidarity we replicated in Bolivia promoted by our partner in this country Center for Advancement of Women ApazaThe work of these journalists and our continued promoting concrete actions to combat gender-based violence in the region.

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More than 1,000 people were consulted in the municipality of El Alto and Ancoraimes.

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