Calle Serrano, Madrid exhibition.


4-October 20, c / Serrano de Madrid (number of 72 to 62) will show the photo exhibition DestieRRRadas.

Alliance for solidarity inaugurated October 4, in Serrano Street in Madrid (the ' golden mile') the josmar DesTieRRRADAS, with photographs by Pedro Armestre.

Alliance for solidarity, with funding from the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation Development (AECID)you want to make visible the struggle of women in the communities of the South facing business investments that are not responsible for environmental and social rights of the population.

During the time of the exhibition guided tours Monday through Saturday will be out in hours 12:00 to 13:00 and 18:00 to 19:00 hours.


The why of this exhibition

Threats, harassment, criminalized and death. All faced by defenders of the right to land, water and other natural resources that interfere with the interests of big business in developing countries.

The violation of human rights in regions such as Central America or Africa is increasing, and, in this context, millions of women are facing specific problems given their special relationship with the land and the water.

It has been confirmed that the emergence of large investments almost always increases the labor exploitation and wage inequality, refuses the feminine care work and increases gender violence and sexual. Therefore arise movements and leadership in communities to which it's silence.

Women who struggle in those territories are the protagonists of DesTieRRRADAS.

DesTieRRRADAS you want to involve the citizens of Madrid so that it is aware of the importance of sustainable social and environmental development in a global world and does so through the eyes of Pedro Armestre. The photographer, award King of Spain, has portrayed the struggle of women in countries such as Guatemala, El Salvador, Nicaragua, Mozambique and Guinea Bissau.

Alliance solidarity is essential to denounce investments and businesses that are not responsible as much as to highlight essential respect the private sector and public administrations should develop investments in the exterior.



TIERRRa (profitable and responsible companies with resources) is an Alliance created solidarity campaign to promote enterprises to develop their activity while respecting human rights and avoiding phenomena as the hoarding of land and water.

TIERRRa It appeals to the collective responsibility to preserve human rights and the environment against the power of the corporations that put their interests above the people.

The catalogue of the exhibition

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