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Discriminated against, maligned, threatened, criminalized and killed to defend rights and being women.

The emergence of firms from developing countries is causing, too often, socio-environmental conflicts to grab natural resources, water and Earth.

To do this, plant face women rights defenders. Their struggle interferes with the interests of big companies in countries such as Guatemala and El Salvador.

As women are facing the same risks as human rights defenders, but also are victims of harassment and sexual violence, are questioned by his family and community, being discriminated against, even by his own colleagues in organizations social.

For Alliance for solidarity, it is essential to make visible the fight of the women rights defenders, denouncing the violence suffered.

Women who defend rights are the protagonists of DesTieRRRadas. You can learn their stories in this first report of the campaign

We present to the a list of courageous women first: Lidia Caal. A 23 year old student who, like so many young people in the world, moves in the #FridayfForFuture. She has planted against a huge multiIMG_1208National that it is limiting so far as goods with those who live their community (the territory and water).

This young Indian q´eqchi is a clear example of struggle despite not being the focus of media attention. Their struggle is assuming you threats, labour problems and social prestige. Despite the situation of violence, suffering, Lidia resists and is very clear: "women are going to keep fighting".

Their struggle for the Cahabón River began while he was studying, by the hand of the Professor Ana Rutilia Caal, informing everything what was supposed a hydroelectric plant in that river. The processes of information and awareness to your community were the first steps. This caused labour problems, threats by the company and a loss of social prestige that retroaleminetaba the rest of the damage. Fortunately, support networks, as is the case with many women rights defenders, are the pillar of their struggles. Lidia has been sheltered by his family and other groups in your community.

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