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Vodafone: your mobile pollute the planet

Vodafone has launched a campaign "Vodafone back every year" where, under an aesthetic of modernity and hipsterismo praises the pleasures of brand new mobile every year.

What does not count toward the ad irresponsibly is the threat this habit is for the planet.

Every month hundreds of thousands of pieces of electronic waste in poor countries accumulate loaded with electronics that contain mercury, lead, cadmium and other toxic substances. Disposal of the waste in Europe or the U.S. is very expensive. As is forbidden to export waste to poor countries, the burden comes under "excuse "of solidarity donations electronic material. But most do not work. Huge cemeteries for electronic waste from rich countries are created by swamps, roadsides or embankments.

In Nigeria every month 500 containers come with electronic material to be processed, but 75% are defective and are stacked in mountains of waste that is burned in the open. In many cases managers dand recycling are childrenExposed to very high levels of contamination. The consequence of these landfills on the environment is unfortunate because it causes each year thousands of environmental refugees.

As an NGO working for sustainable development along these populations suffering the "bad habits of the North" we ask Vodafone to reconsider this campaign and encourage more responsible for promoting mobile RESPONSIBLE CONSUMPTION purchase.

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