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Alianza por la Solidaridad: los líderes de la UE no pueden dejar que el populismo maneje la política migratoria Los líderes de la UE que se han reunido estos días en Salzburgo (Austria) en una cumbre sobre migración deben centrarse en construir un consenso para crear un enfoque justo, humano y de largo plazo para […]


III exhibition of cinema and human rights: young people as subjects of political action

The 1, 2 and 3 October we will join with the weavers Association and will give life to the third year of the sample of cinema and human rights held in Seville. In this edition the storyline of the fourteen audiovisual pieces to be presented is the look of young people to processes of [...]

Reunión Indira

Exchanging good institutional practice in the fight against the gender violence in Peru and Bolivia

The exchange of good practice and work experience on the prevention, punishment and eradication of violence against women by public institutions is one of the results of the project strengthening active citizenship and local services for guaranteeing women a life free from violence in the municipalities of El Alto [...]

Conferencia Regional sobre Población y Desarrollo (Peru 2018)

The Conference on population and development in Peru concluded reaffirming the commitments of the States on the rights of women in Latin America and Caribbean

Alliance for solidarity, which attended the 3rd Regional Conference on population and development in the region, considered to be positive is to reaffirm the commitments with the progressive consensus of Montevideo, the most advanced intergovernmental agreement that exists. The 3rd Regional Conference on population and development in Latin America and the Caribbean, held in Lima [...]


It increases the harassment and the criminalization of the leaders and indigenous leaders who defend their rights

The situation of women leaders and indigenous leaders who act as defenders of rights and natural resources gets worse at times in Latin America. Alliance for solidarity, on the occasion of the international day of the indigenous peoples, which is celebrated on August 9, highlights the persecution, harassment, criminalization and death suffered by [...]

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