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Peru discussion the decriminalization of abortion in case of rape

Actualmente, en el país, el aborto es legal solo en los casos en los que la vida...

Requirements for a Will

There are certain formal requirements that accompany each of the types of tests...

Humanitarian Action

Nuestras líneas de trabajo Asistencia a refugiadas sirias en Jordania El 86% d...

Climate change widens inequalities between poor and more developed countries

El cambio climático ha dejado hace tiempo de ser un problema del futuro, es un problema del hoy. Nos enfrentamos al mayor y más urgente reto para la supervivencia de la humanidad. Los impactos climáticos como las sequías, inundaciones, ciclones, el aumento del nivel del mar, las pérdidas de cosechas y medios de vida están […]

Foto de la reunión con la Ministra Palestina

Palestine: essential legislative changes to advance women's rights

Following last week's protests by the women's movement when a possible new "honour crime" case was known following the murder of 21-year-old Israa Ghareeb, from Alliance for Solidarity and with our partner Women's Affairs Technical Committee (WATC) we met last Sunday with the Palestinian Minister of [...]

colombia del infierno al eden

Colombia: social polarization and violence

It is difficult for us to imagine that a society like Colombia, after 50 years of bitter and bloody conflict, will jeopardize the benefits that peace can bring to it. But the times that run are full of examples in which we squander our riches and our values, either by a dangerous combination of [...]

banner noticia evaluacion fondo blanco

Palestine: challenges for the future

Alliance for Solidarity has been working in Palestine for more than 20 years, during this time we have been learning and incorporating that experience into our projects and working with our local partners. Because everything is learned, we want to share those lessons learned, but also the challenges that we want to address in the future. [...]

Clemencia (6)

Clemencia Carabalí: Black Communities' Rights Award

Woman, black and rural", this describes Clemencia Carabalí, the winner of the National Award for the Defense of Human Rights as "Defender of the Year", awarded by the Swedish Church and Diakonia. This recognition, she says, "is very important, as it makes it more and more important to the work that rights defenders do [...]

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