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Alliance for Solidarity joins the global climate strike mobilizations that start on the 20th along with 300 NGOs

Increasing social inequality between poor and more developed countries due to the impacts of global warming affects millions of people. In climate justice lawsuit, among other requests, the World Climate Strike is held on 27 September with a global scope which, in the case of [...]

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Alliance for solidarity denouncing the situation of vulnerability of women in Gaza

After 12 years of blockade, the situation in the Gaza Strip is reaching unsustainable levels of deterioration. In this context, more than 148,000 women are exposed to violence in the Gaza Strip. The NGO, together with local partners and the financing of Spanish and international cooperation, has served more than 50,000 people [...]


Doubled the number of environmental activists killed in just two years, of which 40% are indigenous

An investigation reveals that they die more defenders and defenders of the environment than British and Australian soldiers in war zones: 1,500 in 15 years Guatemala has quintupled the assassinations of leaders in just 12 months. Alliance for solidarity continues the campaign for the release of the Guatemalan Mayan leader Bernardo Caal Xol, who leads [...]


The Justice of Guatemala acknowledged the violation of the rights of indigenous peoples in the hydroelectric plant built by Cobra-ACS group

Alianza por la Solidaridad reveló en un informe que este proyecto ha colapsado el río Cahabón, afectando la vida y los derechos de más de 29.000 mayas Q´eqchí El recurso de amparo fue interpuesto ante la Corte Suprema de Justicia por la defensora Ana Rutilia Ical, una de las protagonistas de la campaña #DesTieRRRadas La […]


The increase in the cultivation of sugar cane endangers the survival of thousands of families in Central America

  Alianza por la Solidaridad denuncia la insostenible situación social y ambiental que genera un producto que reduce acuíferos y contamina ríos básicos para la vida Organizaciones locales, apoyadas por Alianza, reclaman el apoyo internacional frente a una expansión empresarial que destruye su entorno   La organización Alianza por la Solidaridad, como motivo del Día […]

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