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Women and power


Days of Political leadership. Connecting struggles and territories.

"It gives men fear losing power" and that is why their tactics to prevent women from making with it occupy a wide range of violence, ranging from persuasion to murder, all kinds of aggression and physical and psychological violence.

This was one of the generalized statements by all the leaders who participated in the Conference ' women and power. Political leadership, connecting struggles and territories ', organized by Alliance through the solidarity of the 7 to 15 of last November.

For eight days and in different cities of Spain, created spaces, where political and social leaders of Latin America, Spain and United States They denounced violent practices that face to be able to occupy positions of decision making, leadership and power, but, at the same time, knitted ties, networks and alliances that transcend borders, capable of promoting and strengthening the movement feminist worldwide, starting from the local.

The Union, sisterhood and I support the feminist women in positions of power and decision-making were raised as a lever of change towards a real success of feminism in all spheres of life.

In the case of Spanish politics, these days have also constituted a starting point among the Spanish political women to identify, recognize and be aware that there is gender-based violence in politics within the Spanish State. It's a reality that, to date, had naturalized and normalized with the exercise of the power, but that, after these meetings, has happened to bear the status of abuse, violence and exclusive harassment against women in politics.

Throughout more than fifty pages, have collected reflections, conclusions and proposals expressed on these and other many aspects by all participants, during the Conference, in order to break the silence and feminism and the struggle feminist prevail globally.

Thank you to all the participants for their contributions and to whom you were, but now you read to us, for your curiosity and desire to get a little closer to the feminist leadership.

We encourage you to continue reading!

Memory of women and power

Find out more about the content of the sessions.

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