16 M - COMMITMENT = BUDGET. The fight continues.

Monday, 14 May 2018

Cartel 16 M

On May 16 is convened a demonstration in 40 cities under the motto "commitment = budget. The struggle continues, we are on the streets. Or a least! "." The nearly 300 organizations that we call this event want to that you will join us to demand that State budgets for 2018 that debate the Congress, met the increase of 200 million euros annually (0.04% of the State budget) agreed in the State Pact against gender violence (with 214 measures) and promised by the Minister for equality Dolors Montserrat.

After a historical feminist mobilization on March 8, the Government put tie purple to finish finally announcing a brutal reduction of 120 million. So, in the best of cases, would reach 80 million for the entire Spanish territory. Something far from committed 200.

Alliance for solidarity, as part of the convocates organizations, we raise a protest for the breach in the draft budget of the Government, for which more than 900 women killed in the last 15 years and 169 orphans under age not They seem to be a priority.

The last strike feminist of March 8 was a historic milestone and the President, as head of Government but not the only, won teaching purple tie. However, when it comes to take action in the matter, the message is clear: it is not that there is no money, it is that the priorities of the Government are other: increase of the defense budget at 819 million (10.7% more than in 2017) or to finance bailouts for banks and highways , not the dignity of the lives of 51% of the population.

The measure 207 of the Covenant says that of the State budget earmarked, via transfers councils an annual increase of 20 million euros and 100 more to the autonomous communities, specifically to measures of gender-based violence, the PGE 2018 presented draft 'order' (without having competence to do so) the 8,000 municipalities and the 17 autonomous communities that take out them of its general funding system. 60% of the agreed budget trimming leaves to the autonomous communities without the 100 million pledged for educational and health prevention and 8,000 municipalities without the 20 million agreed to improve the legal, psychological and social care of proximity.

Tolerance zero towards gender-based violence and against this macho, indolent Government which doesn't protect us and deceives us. Without the money promised may not be advance or make feminist politics than us in our place. Join the demonstration Wednesday 16

Read here the complete document where detailed budget.

Here confirms the call of your city.

2 Responses to “16M – COMPROMISO=PRESUPUESTO. La lucha sigue.”

  1. Rita says:

    Hola, hoy me hubiera gustado asistir a la manifestación, pero debido a los muchos problemas personales que me absorven no he podido abrir mi correo hasta ahora que he visto que había convocada una manifestación, a la que me hubiera gustado asistir y mucho, me gustaría que pudieran usar mi dirección de correo eléctrónico para informarme de tales acontecimientos, pero les agradecería que lo hicieran con algunos días de antelación, si es posible, el hacerme socia me es imposible ya que hoy por hoy no tengo ingresos, así aunque sólo sea presencial me encantaría participar, les ruego que me faciliten esta opción, gracias.

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