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Women 25N organized from the Andean region

Sunday, 24 November 2013

Organizations working for the rights of women, feminists and activists, including Alliance for Solidarity, will be part of different mobilizations in Bolivia, Ecuador and Peru, reminding society the situation of thousands of women against violence because gender and asking actionable statements.

afiche 25 de noviembre

This November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against WomenEmblematic date recognized by the General Assembly of the United Nations, have prepared in the Andean region marches, rallies, fairs, concerts and events with decision makers, making visible the current situation of impunity in which there are hundreds of cases of violence against women and femicide.


The Wiñay Foundation, convened a press conference with the Network Against Domestic Violence in the municipality of El Alto for days after making an Information Fair with the name "United and United for a Life Free of Violence."

Likewise, this weekend Wiñay conducted a "Meeting of the Leaders Group Strengthening Dear friends against gender violence" in the town of Quillacollo and Monday will be installing the show information and awareness "S time to change, just speeches, we want resources”, just asking the authorities of the municipality for the care and prevention of gender violence budgets.

Apaza, organization of the municipality of El Alto, began operations on November 21, with the youth festival "Let's talk about violence."

This weekend, the National Confederation of Native Indigenous Peasant Women "Bartolina Sisa" convened a fair violence in the town of Pongo, reaching the population through information on the types of violence and the current legislation in Bolivia that protects women against various types of violence in the family, work and school among others.

Equally organizations belonging to the National Board for Sexual and Reproductive Rights, held a demonstration dressed in black, outside the Ministry of Defence and the Commander of the Bolivian police, protesting the impunity in the recent case of a dead cadet blows through your instructor. So far this year, in Bolivia and 89 cases of femicide are posted.


La Fundación Salud Amazónica (FUSA) viene coordinando actividades con la Red de Atención y Prevención de la Violencia Intrafamiliar de Loreto – RAPVIL. Desde el 22 de este mes realizaron un Festival Intercolegial en el cantón Loreto, con la participación de estudiantes que se manifestaron a través de teatro y canto. Además, en Joya de los Sachas, hasta el mes de diciembre, se tendrá instalada la obra de teatro “Violencia en el Noviazgo” puesta en escena por el grupo Manantial del Alma, obra que quiere llegar a sensibilizar sobre el tema a jóvenes y adultos.

Moreover, in Guayas has planned a Tribute Posthumus for No Violence Against Women, reminding women victims of femicide in the country, with figures such as the year 2012 which have been registered 234 violent deaths of women. It is also planned the presentation of the survey on sexual violence in EcuadorDocument you want to help promote public policies to combat violence against women in the country.

Organizations such as GAMMA, along with a group in the Ecuadorian canton of Cuenca, have planned a march where there will be artistic and political expressions, and then, in the Hall of the Cantonal Council request the authorities accountability on state actions to combat violence against women. These activities are conducted under various campaign organizations carry forward the name of "16 days of activism against violence against women"


The demonstrations also bring together different institutions under the Collective November 25. All planned to occupy the streets of Lima on Tuesday November 26, demanding the state fulfill the right of women to a life free of violence. This action shall be accompanied by banners and choruses of protest against the few actions of the authorities against femicide cases in this country. So far in 2013, in Lima 110 femicide cases were reported in different areas and answers in impunity for most offenders.

Alianza por la Solidaridad focuses its work in the Andean region on the right of women to live a life free of violence. Learn more our work in Women's Rights clicking here.

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marches, rallies, fairs, concerts and events with decision makers, making visible the current situation of impunity in which there are hundreds of cases of violence against women and femicide

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