Alliance for solidarity alert of the grave humanitarian situation in Haiti

Tuesday, 23 July 2019


Nearly half of the country's population is undernourished according to FAO data, while commodity inflation soars.

The Solidarity Alliance distributes emergency aid to food insecurity.

The NGO Alliance for solidarity alert the very serious humanitarian situation that exists in Haiti due to the political and economic crisis in which the country is mired for months. More than two million and half of people need help to improve your power, while it currency local, the gourda, is experiencing an inflation that prevents the access to products Basic. According to the latest data from the FAO, 49.3% of Haitians do not receive sufficient nutrition.

The situation has worsened since the protests began last may, when it came to light a report that relates to the current President, Jovenel Moïse, with a case of corruption with funds from the Venezuelan oil company Petrocaribe. With the increase of the social mobilizations of rejection and repression, street violence, has increased to the point that many days it is difficult to leave the House to make essential purchases, according to sources of the Solidarity Alliance staff in the land.

UN figures indicate that more than half a million people in the country require 'emergency' humanitarian aidwhile prices in staple foods worsen the situation day by day. Between April and June, more than five millions of Haitians have not been able to bring food to his table, according to the Directorate General of European Civil protection and humanitarian aid operations (ECHO).

In this context, it also complicates the work of humanitarian organizations working in Haiti. Mobility from the cities to the rural area has to be carried out with extreme security measures to prevent robberies, while crop suffering the effects of drought and hurricanes, more virulent because of climate change.

Despite the difficulties, Alliance solidarity has begun the distribution of aid to small-scale, a program of the World Food Programme (PAM), throughout the Southeast and Northeast area. Thanks to this program is attending to about 2,000 families, which is distributed rice, oil, beans and cash, primarily for people in higher risk of malnutrition, such as disabled people or pregnant women. In addition, thanks to an agreement with the Spanish cooperation agency for development (AECID) also in the Southeast, It has been launched another programme to 725 families vulnerable in which spreads money by carrying out community work, seeds, agricultural tools or training.

According to the staff on the ground, the situation is a time bomb that may explode at any time because strikes of officials who do not charge, such as teachers, police officers or agents of civil protection are recurrent.

In addition, peacekeepers from United Nations Mission in support of the justice Minusjusth, just staying in Haiti next month of October, when they plan to leave the country. After 14 years of presence in the country, will be replaced by an office of support to good governance called 'BINUH', with a high representative at the front. Its objective will be to assist in the announcement of elections, police training in human rights and strengthening of Justice, among other issues.

For the Solidarity Alliance, although there are other sources of humanitarian emergencies, it is essential to continue support to the Haitian population in the difficult situation facing. "The international community can not forget Haiti. They are almost 11 million people in a critical situation with risk of increased violence and aid are not arriving at acceptable levels", designated representatives in the country.

In this regard, it should be recalled that the plan to provide emergency assistance to more than 1.3 million vulnerable people only financed 16%, date of early July 2019, with 20.6 million achieved the necessary 126 million dollars.

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