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Angola: since 1999, defending the rights of people overall

Monday, 13 October 2014

After 14 years of work, Alliance for Solidarity Angola office closes due to lack of funding cuts in cooperation. One of the last projects was the complete rehabilitation of the district to ensure Damba Maria global rights for the 30,000 people who live in it.

Alianza por la Solidaridad Proyecto solidario en Angola

This district, 9 kilometers from the capital required of a comprehensive urban restructuring with the participation of the local people and to give priority response to their demands: a survey in which the gaps that could not be defined address, access to

Land registry became tool to secure and defend the right of people to adequate housing and reduce forced evictions in the neighborhood. Currently, 65% of the population has a cadastral record and public institutions know what really happened in Damba Maria, so now must fulfill their obligations. In addition to the registry, conducted workshops so that people know their rights before a forced eviction, the importance of legalizing their land and live in a tidy neighborhood with roads and common public spaces. The share of the population was active, to end the agreement had formed the "Community Group Damba Maria" to defend their rights, who managed, for example, the company placed garbage containers in the neighborhood.

Overall right to a safe and healthy environment

At the beginning of the project the district was in very poor hygienic conditions due to waste and open defecation. In this situation Alliance for Solidarity implemented the program "Led Total Sanitation community" that included awareness workshops to raise awareness that, independently and gradually their families to build latrines. We also train 20 health masons so they could provide technical support to the people who would build them. The result is that 11 of the 20 sectors in the district (55% of the population) is divided, had signed a written commitment not to defecate in the open. To guarantee the right to water, the Provincial Government installed public water fountains in the neighborhood.

Global Right to sustainable local development

After intervention in water and sanitation, we began the rehabilitation of educational and social infrastructure and expanded two of the three schools, so that 350 primary school children left school under trees and 700 secondary school students benefited from his first school in operating in the neighborhood.
Building a community center, revitalizing the neighborhood, has been a priority to provide both training and leisure alternatives to young people of the neighborhood, which until now had to travel to other nearby cities, having to pay for transportation. 300 young people have participated in vocational training in electricity, computers and secretarial, and in total, over 375 people literate.

Finally, the microcredit program led by the community association Tulikoleli has been very successful, with a background that is ongoing and has so far had a 100% refund of the 128 micro dice so far.

How do we defend the rights of the global population?

Although due to the economic crisis and the lack of subsidies have had to stop working in Angola, yet continue to advocate and work for the global rights of the people through solidarity to ensure sustainable local development partnerships. Click here to check our work.

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