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Iberdrola Foundation supports drinking water access in Nicaragua

Wednesday, 24 September 2014

We understand that companies are part of civil societyBelieve that their participation is crucial to prevent injustice and have great capacity to positive changes in the world

Fundación Iberdrola

After completion of a project in Colombia with the support of the 40 Main HEMOS comenzado an innovative draft Clean Energy in Nicaragua in the accompanying us Iberdrola Foundation, With whom we have worked 8 years. In the Department. Chinandega, where you will run the project, the 48,7 % of the population lives in extreme poverty. The difficulty of access to drinking water is one of the major problems in the area. Moreover, the lack of health and hygiene habits and zero water treatment cause acute diarrheal diseases in space in child population

Thanks to the support of Fundación Iberdrola build a photovoltaic power system, this will serve to pump water thus avoiding the problems caused by diarrheal diseases. The system will facilitate the 684 families access to safe water in sufficient quantity and quality. To make the project sustainable over time a group of people will be trained in system maintenance.

Moreover the Fundación Caja Murcia and Caser Seguros have added another year to our club Allied Companies.

We want thank the Iberdrola Foundation, the Caja Murcia and Caser Seguros Foundation for their commitment to work for a better world.

Fundacion Iberdrola FundacionCajaMurcia logo_caser

Fundación Iberdrola Fundación Iberdrola

If you are a company: How to collaborate?

FINANCE ACTIVITIES OF SOLIDARITY: You can help finance concrete actions such as constructing a well in Mozambique, promoting recycling in El Salvador, creating revenue for victims of the earthquake in Haiti, or generating income for women in Senegal.

CAMPAIGNS: You can spread awareness to your customers and suppliers, associate your products with our causes, perform actions 2.0, or organize charity events and auctions.

SHARE VALUES OF SOLIDARITY WITH YOUR TEAM: With options such as corporate or international volunteering, and payroll or benefits rounding of pro-bono services


ORGANIZE A PARTY OR EVENT: Solidarity does not have to be boring- We can arrange a fun and unique event to motivate and involve your staff.

PROPOSE YOUR OWN PLAN FOR COLLABORATION: We will listen to you and do our best to make your idea a reality.

What do you get in return?

The satisfaction of knowing that your company improves the lives of thousands of people by giving back to society and contributing to the creation of a more just world. In addition:

· We broadcast the partnership via press release (presentation of the logo) and networking

· Your logo and link will appear on our website

· You will link your brand to a just cause

· You will receive an accredited diploma of being an "Allied Company"

· We will give you the opportunity to visit the projects we collaborate with

· Your employees and customers will be more identified with the company

· The logo of your company will appear in our Annual Report

· Your staff can participate in our corporate volunteering

· You will receive tax benefits (Law 49/2002)


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