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Immigration Summit in Austria

Friday, 21 September 2018

CreativeCommons Enes Reyhan

Alliance for solidarity: the EU leaders cannot fail to populism to handle immigration policy

The leaders of the EU have gathered these days in Salzburg (Austria) in a Summit on migration should focus on building a consensus to create a fair, humane and long term approach to people who are forced to flee conflict persecution and climatic disasters, as opposed to strengthen borders and seek allies using 'heavy-handed' with the migrants, warns Alliance solidarity.

Alliance for solidarity, Member of Action Aid International, politicians are using the worst crisis of refugees registered in the 21st century to deepen divisions within host communities and create an isolated Europe giving back to the most vulnerable in the world.

The current proposals in the EU to tackle the migration include the creation of "controlled centres" to detain people, including children and girls, seeking asylum; a new system for rescued persons are returned in hot to third countries of North Africa, such as Libya, something which is illegal and which causes that these migrants will face terrible abuses of human rights; and strengthen the force of the border of the EU, the Frontex, with 10,000 new guards for ' attack ' immigrants in the Mediterranean, one of the measures of which has been spoken more in the Salzburg summit, meeting in which heads of State Europeans have shown that s not " able to agree on.

ActionAid as a whole is concerned that the current EU proposals to address forced migration dispossess these States to persons of their rights and do not provide a fair or effective way to process asylum applications. Alliance for solidarity, for his part, remembers 116 immigrant expulsions that occurred in July in Ceuta, just 24 hours after having entered national territory. These political decisions set a dangerous precedent that ignores those who are the real drivers of the displacement.

In other European countries such as Greece and Italy, the creation of camps of HotSpot overcrowded, where women and children are arrested and left at risk of abuse, it is not a sustainable or human solution, but also talked about possible outlets for them. More than 20,000 people continue waiting for a decision on their fate in the Greek Islands, with 10,000 trapped in the camp of Lesvos, which has an official capacity of 3,500. Alliance for solidarity, ActionAid and other NGOs have been long asking that processes accelerate to put an end to the situation in which these people are and denounce the inhuman conditions in which they live.

Gerasimos Kouvaras, executive director of ActionAid in Greece says: "we are dismayed because some EU leaders are using the worst refugee crisis registered to sell a divided vision of Europe, which closes the drawbridge and fails protect families forced to flee the violence, persecution and climatic disasters. Rather than welcoming them, refugees are trapped in makeshift camps, living in subhuman conditions, while the extreme right of the EU tries to add more misery to their lives. Cannot be allowed that the rising tide of populism to win when discussing Europe's response to migration in the Salzburg summit. Legal, fair and supportive long-term measures that address the root causes of displacement, no longer proposed inhumane, unjust and unsustainable are needed,".

"Alliance solidarity, once the President of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, acknowledging its support for the increase in strength of Frontex, considers that it is not a solution to the challenge of managing migration flows, but a measure to reinforce the"Europe fortress"and it asks the Spanish Government to work more effectively to build alliances with other Member countries and the South of Europe and defend another model of management of migratory flows that focuses on addressing the root causes of displacement, which respects international law and put in the Center human rights and solidarity with displaced persons, migrants and refugees face their next appointments.


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