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International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination

Wednesday, 21 March 2018


Today, 21 March, international day for the Elimination of the Racial discrimination from Alliance for solidarity to denounce violations of rights and the criminalization of migrant people, as well as migration policies which are based on the securitization of borders. We denounce the existence of a fortress Europe, which has stopped in 2017 more than three thousand deaths in the Mediterranean Sea (200 trying to reach Spanish shores) and that in 2018 has already reached 500, according to the IOM (International Organization for the) Migration). But we also want to make visible the violence and discrimination to which the migrant population faces once they arrive to Spain.

We draw the institutional racism that it relies on the Aliens Act, which does not understand without European immigration policies, as the cause of vulnerabilities that fall on migrants in Spain. This law supposedly picks up the rights, freedoms and social integration of migrants, however, in reality is a series of measures of control, regulation and limitation of rights and freedoms. In practice the Aliens Act creates a distinction between those who have rights and who not, creates categories of citizenship generated by both discrimination that condemns many people to the exclusion. For migrants, this law implies an impediment to live with dignity its day to day.

The people who are in an irregular situation in our country, living under stress and constant persecution. The immigrant community has spent years denouncing cases of harassment and racial persecution such as the racist raids or controls by racial profiling, harassment to Mantua, the difficulties to regularize the administrative situation of many people in our country are realities that people migrants facing daily under the constant threat of imprisonment in a prison of foreigners or deportation or expulsion to third countries where there are less guarantees for his well-being or safety staff.

But the Aliens Act is not the only mechanism of control that exists: is part of an all gear devices set up to control the population of migrant and racialized.

Since Alliance we have years working with migrants in the countries of origin, transit and destination to defend and ensure that they have access to their rights irrespective of the country where they were born. The Universal Declaration of human rights is universal because it establishes that these rights belong to every human being simply by the fact of being so, but this "universality" in the migrant population is not such, but "conditionality": depends on of a set of conditions as the administrative situation, race, social class, nationality, etc., enjoy or not of the same.

As it comes looking in recent years, the existence of the international human rights law does not guarantee the performance of your application. Therefore, we demand the respect of the human rights of all people living in our country, that there is a real legislative and institutional protection and mechanisms needed to make to believe

against racism in all its forms (social, institutional, etc.) where the involvement of the society is required. Recent events in the heart of the Senegalese community we must rethink how racism must be seen as a secondary, individual and timely matter but as a structural and everyday issue which affects and crosses the lives of many of migrant and racialized people in our country. And one of the consequences of this set of attitudes and behaviors so rooted in the everyday life of Spanish society, is that racism, slower or faster, kill those who suffer it.

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