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The blockade of Israel and violence against the Palestinian civilian population increase the serious humanitarian crisis in Gaza

Thursday, 9 May 2019


A humanitarian worker on projects related to Alliance for Solidarity and his family, among the fatalities of the latest Israeli attacks

The three members of a family, one of them a collaborator in Alliance for Solidarity projects, have been killed in recent bombings in the Gaza Strip from Israeli Army bombingraids. This is Talal Abu Al-Jidian, 46, who worked in the Union of Health Workers' Committees (UHWC), as well as his wife Raghda Abu al-Jidyan, 40, and son Abdulrahman Talal Abu al-Jidyan, 11. Specifically, Talal was an employee of the Al-Awda Hospital of the Palestinian organization.

The family lived in the buildings of Sheikh Zayed Towers, north of the Strip, where missiles destroyed an entire plant, where there were four apartments, killing a total of six people. UHWC sources have pointed out that medical teams were unable to remove Talal's body and his wife's body until more than 24 hours due to complete destruction and abundance of debris. From Alliance for Solidarity we send our condolences to their close friends and family and continue to support UHWC in improving assistance to women who add to this general violence gender-based violence within their homes and nearby environments.

The organization notes on the ground that the humanitarian situation in Gaza is unsustainable. The population of the Strip has to live every day with blackouts of more than 12 hours a day, on average, seriously affecting the situation of hospitals and clinics. By mid-March this year, according to the latest data, there was no stock of 48% of medicines that are considered essential for a population of almost two million inhabitants, held in 365 square kilometers. Today, half of families survive because they borrow food or money to buy from family or friends, and 24% have worsened the quality of their diet.

Alliance for Solidarity and UHWC began their working relationship in 1998 and since 2006 they have been working together on improving protection systems for women survivors of gender-based violence in Gaza, as UHWC's network of hospitals and health centres serves com or entry point for gazaties to access comprehensive, confidential and secure services. In addition, they collaborate in community emergency protection, with particular emphasis on women.

The latest attacks only make the situation worse of a besieged population. According to initial assessments, several buildings were destroyed, more than 300 homes and four educational facilities were damaged. While humanitarian organizations are prepared to address the needs arising from escalations of violence, breaking the ceasefire may require resources that are not available, as the needs are already many after more than ten years blockade.

In fact, health systems have been on the verge of collapse from the increase in injuries in recent days, due both to the lack of medical staff, as well as the total supply of medicines and disposable medicines, already mentioned.

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