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The solidarity legacy of Almudena Cavestany

Monday, 15 July 2019


Almudena Cavestany, educator with extensive experience in cooperation and volunteer for Alliance for solidarity for many years, left his legacy to extend that to dedicated it his life: promoting education and the rights of women.

The legacy of Almudena Cavestany has been the most important donation received to date by Alianza and has benefited more than 38,000 people, most of them women. She has contributed directly to the fight for Sexual and Reproductive Rights and against gender-based violence in Bolivia, to the protection of Palestinian and Syrian refugee women affected by the conflict in the Middle East, to the protection of women and children Morocco, and women's economic empowerment and access to productive resources in Mauritania and Senegal.

Latin America


The Alliance for Solidarity Women's Rights programme has focused a large part of its work in recent years in Bolivia, where the legacy (28% of the total) has co-financed, along with other donors such as the Spanish Agency for International Cooperation For Development, the Sexual and Reproductive Rights Strategy and the Gender-Based Violence Strategy and has contributed, inter alia, to:


Almudena Cavestany's legacy in the north (18% of the total) and western Africa (16% of the total) has been geared towards two types of projects: support for vulnerable and at-risk women and children and to support women's economic empowerment.


In this country, the legacy has financed part of two major projects focused on support for vulnerable women and children at risk of exclusion, co-financed by AECID and the Andalusian Cooperation Agency. With their financial support, legal advice services for single mothers and migrant women have been expanded by the Moroccan organization 100% Maman. Legal assistance and psychosocial accompaniment have been provided to more than 1,500 single mothers and their sons and daughters. It has also contributed to the creation of a system of protection of children at risk of exclusion at the state level by strengthening more than 15 Moroccan associations working with minors, supporting more than 780 minors through the Minor and the training of 27 migrant women who were integrated into these units.


In this country, the legacy of Almudena Cavestany has co-financed an EU-funded project aimed at promotion of women's cooperatives, through which 5 cooperatives were consolidated in Nuadibú and Boulenoir that opened new lines of business in the production of handicrafts, soaps and horticulture.



Support for Almudena Cavestany's legacy in Senegal has focused on women's economic empowerment and access to productive resources in rural areas affected by chronic food crises and desertification in two areas of the country: in Podor, to the north in the border between Senegal and Mauritania, and in the Casamance region (south of Senegal, northern Guinea Bissau and southern Gambia).

Together with AECID and various funders of Spanish decentralized cooperation, various projects have been co-financed rehabilitation and conditioning of crop surfaces, the equipment, the commissioning of solar irrigation systems in more than 32 ha (15 in Podor and 18 in Casamance), the installation of more than 300 upgraded kitchens, training in cultivation techniques for more than 1000 women and the legal registration and recognition of land ownership of 500 other women.

Middle East: Palestine and Jordan (Syrian refugees)

23% of Almudena Cavestany's legacy went to various projects, co-financing projects from various donors such as the EU, Palestine and Jordan, the latter aimed at Syrian refugees.


Over the past decade, living conditions in Gaza have worsened and the situation in Palestine has worsened significantly. According to a study conducted by Alianza and its partners, about 40% of women living in the strip have been victims of gender-based violence by their partner or family members. Thanks to the legacy, it has been possible to launch at the Union Health Work Committees clinics in Gaza (Alliance's historical partner), a specialized service comprehensive screening, treatment and support for cases of gender-based violence, including health care, psychological support and legal counseling. We have also worked with the feminist organization WTAC to create a community alert network that allows women not only to support each other but also to work on prevention in their neighborhoods. In northern Gaza, nearly 5,000 women have been served at the new gender-based violence service at the Beit Hanoun clinic. In addition, work has been done on the economic empowerment of women through various projects to promote women-led economic activities.


In the wake of the Syrian conflict, Alliance launched a specific line of work in 2015 aimed at the protection of the sexual and reproductive health of Syrian refugees. Almudena Cavestany's legacy has contributed to the operation of two of the three specialized clinics held by Alianza and the Institute for Family Health on the Jordan-Syria border, which has served more than 23,000 women in a year.

Clínica Gaza-12-0

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