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Wednesday, 24 April 2019

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Since Alianza por la Solidaridad We believe that the most effective way to combat inequalities and Guaranteeing fundamental rights for all people It is to build an active, critical and committed citizenship that defends just public policies. One of our objectives is to put into value the initiatives, proposals and citizen demands and to make them reach the institutions to achieve structural and sustainable changes in the long term.

In the current context of elections, citizenship and civil society become involved and mobilize is key. Alianza has actively participated in different areas of concertation and collaboration with other civil society organizations to build proposals jointly and promote citizen participation and mobilization around the elections.

In Alliance for Solidarity we call on the political parties that are present at this election meeting to take into account the different demands of citizenship and civil society and to acquire the necessary commitments to make them reality from the Congress of Deputies, the Senate and the Government of Spain. In particular we ask:

  1. An economic and social agenda that "Do not leave anyone behind "either inside or outside our borders and more effective engagement with Agenda 2030, especially the fight against inequalities, Access to Quality public services For all people (health, education, housing, etc.) and a Fair fiscal System To facilitate the sustainability of these services. Alliance, together with more than 50 civil society organizations, has developed 40 measures to implement the Agenda:
  2. Guaranteeing women's rights and eradicating violence against women and girls. Alliance as part of the feminist movement and together with more than 200 organizations supports the more than 80 measures proposed in
  3. Move towards a Sustainable production and consumption model, Encouraging the efficient use of resources and energy, the construction of infrastructures that do not harm the environment and the improvement of access to basic services, always with respect for human rights, which requires implementing mechanisms to control Transnational companies with Spanish capital currently investing in developing countries without any control over their activity and social responsibility outside the European territory.
  4. Ensure A dignified life for migrantsyou are forced to leave their places of origin by poverty, climate change, violence or discrimination, incorporating them into Spanish society with equal rights and duties as the rest of the citizenry. Also a reform of the system of asylum for people fleeing wars and oppression in their States, which now applies 'dropper'. Some of the measures that we have worked can be found in our social networks:,
  5. Promote a foreign policy that build peace and prosperity for the planet, for which Spain has to increase its commitment with the cooperation for sustainable development and international solidarity. Spain continued to queue in Europe international cooperation (currently 0.19%) well below the surrounding countries. Therefore, from Alliance is claimed that Spain recover the international leadership that has lost, and that at least 0.7% of national income is intended for international cooperation, as we asked more than 400 organizations part of the State Coordinator on development NGOs)

Finally we believe that social polarization and disinformation, citizenship has a fundamental role to propose a way of doing politics based on the dialogue, respect, diversity and coexistence. Along with more than 60 organizations we have supported the manifesto citizen promoted from Global Quorum to mobilize citizens and add voices to bring people and the planet at the center of the political action.

For Alliance for solidarity, it is important the 28th us to hear our voice in favour of the proposals to promote international solidarity, sustainable development at a global level and that defend human rights, gender equality and, in short, fairer societies.

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