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We deliver more than 12,500 signatures in the Ministry of Justice as a result of the case of the herd

Friday, 18 May 2018
Rosa Tristán


On May 17 we received Pilar Ponce, Chief of Cabinet of Minister Rafael Catalá, to whom we deliver more than 12,500 signatures collected to the outrage that has caused in society the judgment of the case of the herd. With these signatures, citizens demanded an immediate reform of the Penal Code, further training among those who impart justice, a program of education and social disclosure rights female sexual freedom and the fulfillment of the 200 million euros of budget committed the State Pact against gender-based violence.

In the delivery of signatures, that has taken place to the 13 hours, the Director of Alliance for the solidarity Ana Rosa Mayor and the spokesman for women's rights, María Salvador, program have been received by Pilar Ponce, Chief of Cabinet of the Minister Rafael Catalá, who has assured them that their requests will be transferred to all the competent bodies in compliance with the demands, which include the General Council of the judiciary of Cuba, the Ministry of Interior, the Ministry of health, social services and equality and the Ministry of education, culture and sport.

Ponce It has secured before himas representatives of Alliance solidarity that new Commission of Penal codification for the study of a change dthe criminal code will be joint, after the former was suspended by just having a woman, and that the document with proposals for change will be before the end of June . Then begins a process that will, according to this ministerial source, participate to the citizenship.

In addition, the jefa Cabinet has acknowledged that there are gaps in terms of the culture of the operators of Justice in Spain in connection with the sexual freedom of women and the approach of gender, something that has assured them that it has to be improved through appropriate training.

Main Rosa Mayor, Director of Alliance solidarity, considered that the signatures collected show that society, and especially women, want a legal and real change quickly. ""Everything indicates that the reform processes of the Codigo PENAL will take its time but enecessary to get l protective legislationa sexual freedom as soon as possible, because Meanwhile sentences such as the one of the Pack is can keep repeating", pointed out of the meeting.

In addition, larepresentatives of the organization s have moved to the Ministry responsible for the urgent need that is met the State Pact against gender violence, according to which would be an annual budget of 200 million euros to this social scourge, a figure that has been in 80 million euros in the Admcompletelly General at the General State budget.

The specific requests in the letter with the 12,500 signatures to Minister Rafael Catalá have been:

  1. Take the legislative initiative to reform the penal code in order that sentences like this can never happen. Other European countries such as the United Kingdom or Germany where lack of consent makes it possible to classify the crime as a violation have already done.
  2. Put in place urgently a training programme to operators of Justice, from the police to the judiciary, on sexual violence, so that they have the tools and concepts needed to treat fairly and according with the Human rights.
  3. Carry out an intense program of education and citizen sensibilización in which values of sexual freedom and respect promote so that is will eradicating as the herd of behaviors, which are much more common than we want to accept.
  4. Allocate 200 million euros a year committed to comply with the State Pact against violence.

If you have not yet signed, you can do it here

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