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Spain - begin mobilizations in defense of abortion legal, safe and accessible

Tuesday, 24 September 2013
Victor M. Linares @ Victormleiva

The state platform in defense of sexual and reproductive rights, 'Deciding us free', inaugurated a period of actions to support access to safe and legal abortion.

alfombra roja madrid

La rueda de prensa se inició con una acción llamada ‘red carpet', Born in Peru to sue one of the least recognized human rights by states in Latin America: a woman's right to access to safe abortion. The 'red carpet' aims to symbolize the risk of decline in this right legal reform if abortion is approved.

During the press conference, Marisa Soleto, a spokeswoman of the platform, said that in Spain we are in a "very delicate" moment after the announcement repeated reform of the current law limits. Meanwhile, Empar Pinedo, another spokesman, said more than 100,000 women would be outside the protection of the law reform Gallardón, according to data collected by study Association of Accredited Clinics for the voluntary termination of pregnancy (ACAI) Last year. Moreover, 30% of women had abortions for economic or business reasons, some 35,000 a year, while the remaining 70% did so for other private purposes.

The reform of the right to delete Gallardón girls 16 and 17 years to have an abortion without parental permission. This point was heavily criticized by the People's Party after the adoption of the reform during the socialist mandate. However, according to the same study, 87% of girls aged 16 and 17 who abort, inform their parents, And most go to clinics in the company of one of them.

Tanya Campos, spokesman for the platform announced activity schedule that are scheduled for upcoming dates in different cities and stated that they are preparing new ones for new dates, apart from the demonstrations that are planned for September 28, Global Day of Action for Access to Safe Abortion Legal. In Madrid, will be carried out several actions that you can see in our latest post

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