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EU Aid Volunteers: Llega el momento de la verdad. Se acerca la auditoría

Friday, 5 May 2017
Julia Vélez


As a volunteer within the European humanitarian volunteer program (EU Aid Volunteers), my experience begins at the headquarters of Alianza por la Solidaridad in Madrid within the financial department. My volunteering begins with a learning phase to strengthen knowledge before traveling to my destination, Haiti.

The weeks in the office in Madrid are spent intensely learning based on the work and questions to my colleagues (little by little the questions are becoming more concrete and less generic). The opportunity to start at the headquarters creates a feeling of greater security on how to work and allows you to get to know the team. This was one of the characteristics that drove me to focus on this volunteerism: getting to know the organization and all the departments so that communication flows when you work together. Here the learning goes from beginning to end and from end to beginning, it picks a little of all the phases within the management of projects.

These weeks in particular have been more intense because we have been preparing the audits. Project audits become the final judgment that determines in a certain way how the project has gone to the financer. Here we look at what the funds have been spent on, if they have been spent on according to the rules and what was said at the beginning.

All the projects, while they are developed, have their own internal monitoring. Often this monitoring must be communicated to the funder through technical reports (activities carried out, if the proposed objectives have been achieved) and economic reports(funds used). Audits are processes in which external companies come to review the public funds of the projects, according to the reports and the regulations that apply to the project.

This is one of the strategies of accountability and transparency that are followed so that results and work cross the borders of any organization, so that the general public has access to the data and learn more about our work. It is a further step towards transparency, building trust towards the work being carried out and showing how the actions that are actually carried out contribute to Development.

One Response to “EU Aid Volunteers: Llega el momento de la verdad. Se acerca la auditoría”

  1. Beni says:

    Gracias por la aportación de tu experiencia en sede, espero que te sirva de experiencia para el trabajo en tu destino . Resulta gratificante que en los tiempos que estamos viviendo se hable desde la perspectiva de la rendición de cuentas y de la Trasparencia. Sigue en esa línea….

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