Europa: Los derechos humanos de los refugiados, al vertedero

Tuesday, 22 March 2016
Ana Rosa Alcalde y Jara Henar


We know the general terms of the agreement between the European Union and Turkey to the refugee crisis and everything indicates that our 28 European leaders have forgotten that these more than 2,000 people who come every day-and those who fail because they die conseguirlo- before the Greek border fleeing not only one of the bloodiest wars we know, that of Syria, which is still active, but also other as bloody as this one in Afghanistan or Iraq, which has long disappeared the difference military and civilian. To be more explicit only in Syria, there are still more than 9 million people whom the war has uprooted them from their homes and held captive either side of them. They do not get any help because international humanitarian channels are blocked and the only way out is to escape. For them, entering Europe is already a desperate option, after more than 5 years have tried to survive in Syria and in neighboring countries.,es

Our leaders do not seem to consider that for every 100 of those people fleeing the destruction and death 65 women and children, on your trip are exposed to extortion, assaults, sexual violence and misery. The '28' are blind because they do not see images of the 12,000 people trapped in places like Idomeni on the border of Greece with Macedonia, living in inhumane conditions in midwinter. so disgraceful scenes like those repeated for years in the southern borders, such as Ceuta and Melilla, because while they feel proud to have avoided mentioning in their agreement immoral "massive returns and" returns hot "suffer an outrageous amnesia not remembering those legally practice between Spain and Morocco, after being approved the Public Safety Act in 2015. they try to give the appearance of a respect for international law on asylum and refuge that the agreement does not have.,es

Obviated, premeditatedly, which neighbors Turkey and Morocco have enormous limitations to be considered safe countries, ie, places where the law is respected non-refoulement where there is no abuse where refugees and asylum seekers are protected; where political freedoms and security for their own citizens, whether Kurds or opponents of these governments are guaranteed. The transfer of responsibility for the management of European borders to third countries takes time, as well as walls and fences, creating pockets of poverty and violence that pose a much greater risk to apply the right of asylum and refuge. Not to mention the barriers erected in Europe itself between Hungary and Croatia.,es

En definitiva, han pasado por alto que la movilidad de las personas es tan consustancial a la globalización como lo son las tecnologías de la información y la comunicación o la sagrada y libre circulación de capitales; y que así no sólo no se frenará, sino que aumentará más si cabe la violencia y peligrosidad en las rutas que ahora siguen miles de familias, miles de mujeres y niñas, que son las más vulnerables.

Cuesta creer que vayan a hacerse estudios detallados e individualizados de cada petición de asilo y refugio; como resulta difícil aceptar que se considere “inmigrantes irregulares” a la mayor parte de quienes están cruzando la frontera griega huyendo de conflictos armados. Es una definición engañosa.

And what about the cambalache to change a refugee by another? What basis does the modular international law international law to asylum, ousting who wants to pass a border to prioritize requests that those who have not tried? It seems clear that they have also forgotten that this right to asylum and humanitarian shelter exists to protect those who can not return home because they can be persecuted or her life is in grave danger, not to reward those who reduce migratory pressure on a border.,es

Our leaders are fearful for the pull effect and lack of border control, but do not consider the danger of linking the fulfillment of international law at economic transfers or political concessions, in this case Turkey, when even within EU-remember discrepancies Cyprus- no internal consensus. Sultry check is not only human rights violations but paid for others to violate, accepting and promoting Turkey to stop, either by sea or land, the entry of people.,es

What is really dangerous is to make a quota auction receiving refugees who are already in the EU, allowing them to be voluntary, while not preventing xenophobic voices have an enormous echo across the continent. Let us not forget that the EU commitment last September, to "relocate" to 160,000 refugees in 28 countries only fulfilled for 937. That from the 22,500 that were to resettle on our continent collapsed from neighboring countries Syria, Jordan and Lebanon have reached 4,555, less than half that in faraway Canada. Fortunately, there is also a much more local, community, united response in places like Lesbos or Lampedusa and in some European cities.,es

Estamos ante un mal acuerdo y tenemos que construir una respuesta social que lo pare. Nos podemos tolerar que Europa se limite a pagar para que le limpien la casa, barriendo los derechos humanos para echarlos al vertedero. Nos jugamos mucho como para perder esta batalla. Entre otras cosas la misma idea de Europa.

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