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Forum "Sharing experiences to the fulfillment of the human right to water"

Friday, 15 November 2013

FORO agua El Salvador

On 12, 13 and 14 November we are in El Salvador 36 civil society organizations, local governments, experts, consultants and community leaders from three continents in forum "Sharing experiences towards meeting the Human Right to Water"

The organizations concerned about the difficulties today are in the enjoyment of the human right to water and sanitation an important part of people in our countries have shared struggles, experiences, successes, failures, challenges and, above all, hope in a world where the human right to water and sanitation a reality for all.

We have discussed and we listened. Some of the important lessons from the Forum are:

  • Water and sanitation is a human right and as such we have to contemplate it in all our interventions.
  • We believe that water and sanitation, for its importance to life, must be positioned as one of the new Sustainable Development Goals in the post 2015 schedule
  • There is a need for coordinated work and network for the exchange of experiences and good practices and advocacy work before the public authorities at local, national, regional and international sub.
  • We recognize the need to work on water and sanitation from a holistic approach, ensuring water quality, environmental sustainability, mitigating climate change and respect for "Mother Earth" from threats such as extractive industries and agribusiness.
  • Militancy is not enough. We should strive to work with reliable and accurate information and data for the advocacy work

One concrete outcome of the event was the letter of support signed by numerous groups to request our fellow Water Forum of El Salvador addressed to the Legislature, Which will be delivered on Monday, so that an agreement is reached for processing and signature of the essential Water Law in the country

Finally, we announce that commitment within the Alliance for Solidarity has water and sanitation, we do not want to miss this experience and therefore propose a Second Forum to be held in October of next year in La Paz (Bolivia).

See participating institutions Here

One more step to guarantee the human right to water

Water Forum El Salvador yesterday presented November 25 at the Committee on the Environment and Climate Change of the Legislature of El Salvador a signed letter by many of the attendees and Forum "Sharing experiences towards meeting the Human Right to Water", Held last 12,13 and 14 November in the Central American country.

The signed document shows clear support for the Water Forum in its call for discussion and approval will resume the General Water Law. Among the key points made in the document is the "Recognition and guarantee of the right to access, use, development and protection of water"

The full document below

carta foro del agua0003

carta foro del agua0002carta foro del agua0001

Different actors involved compliance with the human right to water and sanitation in

Central participated in the forum "Sharing experiences to the fulfillment of the human right to water", held in La Paz, El Salvador, 12 to 14 November 2013.

The meeting was arranged to exchange experiences on the incidence and progress for the recognition and implementation of the human right to water and sanitation gendered space, while the debate will be encouraged between the Civil Social Organizations

Civil Society Forum

The forum was attended Central public institutions with responsibilities for water and sanitation networks and civil society in Europe, South America, Central America and Africa, aid agencies, NGOs and other international organizations as well as experts / I and representatives of research centers.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO) and the United Nations Fund for Children (UNICEF), 783 million people lack access to water and 2,500 billion lack basic sanitation.








4 Responses to "Forum" Sharing experiences to the fulfillment of the human right to water ""

  1. A big hello to all and everyone from Costa Rica and from CLOCSAS!

    Rolando Marín

    • Team ApS says:

      Hi Rolando Marín, also a greeting and hug for you, a great pleasure to have had you in forum, very interesting your contributions. A thousand thanks for your help and support in the French translation.

      Team ApS

  2. The page is in French mistranslated can quite significant errors.
    I propose my translation services.

    • admin says:

      Hello Gerard! You're absolutely right! Unfortunately we do not have the time or resources to translate all the content we generate all languages, so we use a translation by google, which is acceptable in English, French and Portuguese but still leaves much to be desired ... If you have the time and the desire to review the main pages ... I really appreciate it possible? merci! :)

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