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Free women to exercise their rights. Needless to 8 March 2019

Tuesday, 5 March 2019
Maria Salvador



We join the global call to assert a feminist society free of oppression, exploitation and sexist violence.


Since the year 2017 and from the international strike convened by the movement “Ni una menos, vivas nos queremos” every March 8 people million globally we have taken to the streets to shout Stop it! against sexist violence and put down showed that the feminist movement is more alive and organized than ever. It's our day and we make visible our demands to our work productive and reproductive; areas in which women are devalued, invisible and discriminated against and that bind to multiple situations of violence against women and non-recognition of our sexual and reproductive rights, areas in which Alliance for solidarity It works in coordination with feminist organizations and women from different countries.

This year 2019, new organizations of women and feminists from around the world are calling to the international feminist strike, a broader claim space that goes beyond a labor strike positioning women's participation as a central axis in all spheres of life making essential spaces such as: care, consumer, student life and associative.

As Alliance for solidarity we join this call and we raise our voice against sexist violence which killed 137 women every day; to the impunity that makes increasingly less women who denounced the lack of institutional response; before the violation of the sexual and reproductive rights of women in their diversity that allows that women and girls who have suffered sexual violence are forced to be mothers; before labor inequality which relegates to thousands of women to one lower wage or informality to be female; violence women defenders and leaders that generates an under-representation of women in places of power and a continuous questioning of their capabilities, and to discrimination that hurts women in access to economic resources, social, political and environmental and the invisibilization of care, most women do around the world. Organization we want also to recognize all those women will not be able to stop this day because they work in sectors more precarious, without guarantees and informal sectors. (domestic service, field workers, care of elderly, etc.)

As a development organization, which is part of the International Federation of Action Aid and work in partnership with organizations in more than 43 countries, we support this strike as part of a GLOBAL movement. This strike is of ALL WOMEN OF THE WORLD and for this reason we will add to the various spaces and activities organized in the countries where we are present with our partners in Latin America, Africa, Middle East and Spain. We get together and we will continue to work to get that all women in every corner of the world have guaranteed their rights, that they can decide on all aspects of his life and there is no turning back.

We join and support the claims of indigenous women and Afro-descendant with whom we work in Bolivia and Colombia, the young women who, through art, claim the right to decide about their bodies and sexuality in Bolivia, to the of women leaders and advocates of social and environmental rights in Central America and Colombia, as well as to women councillors and candidates, rural and vulnerable sectors of Peru and Bolivia who suffer every day political violence by a position of leadership.

Likewise, in the Middle we join Syrian refugee women with whom we work in Jordan, for their most basic rights; health, violence prevention and means of life, as well as in the prevention of child marriages and sexual violence. With Palestinian refugee women in the Gaza Strip, access to essential services such as health, care and prevention of violence, as well as their participation in spaces of decision, peace-building and resilience to the occupation.

In Africa, countries of the migratory corridor as Mauritania and Morocco where we are working with migrant women and in transit we unite for their right to be protected by their countries of origin in the event of violence and discrimination and to be guaranteed access to services and resources for health, education and decent work. In Senegal and Mozambique for their right to land ownership and access to and control of natural resources.

Likewise in Spain we join the demands of migrant women, refugees and people in transit who every day see violated their rights in a Europe increasingly more focused on closing of borders instead of policies to ensure the welfare of the people. It is important to be aware that not all women can do strike for several reasons: by the precariousness of his works, being administrative illegally by being in charge of dependants, for working internal, etc. For Alliance is key that incorporate intersectional look in 8M and are promoting a feminism that is not only antipatriarcal and anti-capitalist if not also anti-racist and decolonial. This is why we also add to the demands of the migrant and racialized community who denounce discrimination and violence suffered by (law of aliens, CIEs, access to universal health, rights of the employees of the home, etc.).

As a feminist organization and with presence in different countries we believe in solidarity between movements, in the Sisterhood among women and are committed to joint and union between different groups and movements so that our struggle is also yours and that place and claim the rights of women in their demands as the only way to build and strengthen sustainable and peaceful democracies.

This Alliance for solidarity supports the strike and appealed to all citizens, to its partners, territorial and overseas offices to March 8:

  • All women to join the strike feminist organizations support it and honour, by facilitating the free exercise of the right to strike of all workers; formal and informal, within and outside the home, paid or not.
  • Likewise, we call men to give support, coverage, support and collaboration to enable the participation of women, both doing minimum services in the workspaces as carrying out the work of care that will be without.
  • Otherwise participating in demonstrations or claim by feminist organizations called namespaces.
  • Establish spaces for reflection prior to the strike around the problems that we position ourselves with organizations and groups of our environments.
  • We visibilicemos in our workspaces support to international feminist strike.
  • All us go through social networks #HUELGAFEMINISTA and through our hashtag #ALIADASENHUELGA


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