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Women who migrate. Report Morocco 2018

Tuesday, 18 December 2018

"You can't live in fear because you die".

Informa Helena Maleno 2018 - Alzando voces - PODER

Courage","Force"or"Hope"are some of the words that identify migrant women participating in the informe about your access rights in Morocco, prepared by the researcher and journalist Helena Maleno.

The study, conducted over the 2018 in 10 cities, some of which border, focuses mainly on the analysis of the discourse of migrant women, and far away from the eyes of institutions and Moroccan and European societies which place them among the compassion, rejection and violence, aims to make visible the policies of women moving as subjects of law, that resist and create front violences that live, and claims to the rights that belong to them.

The informe He is no stranger to violence, the voices of women show that they know the brutality of migration policies and how to exercise the movement is especially punished over their bodies and lives: "Us us violate, that is true. Few escape. Also die more, more easily. In the desert or in the water. At each border crossing, if you stay at the water's edge you are exposed to more violence by a woman. Every man you see, either black or white, Bandit or military, can become an aggressor".

In this direction, the study makes visible major violations of fundamental rights that generate situations of great vulnerability. But the women reject the label of victim. Are violations of rights which make them vulnerable, they are not vulnerable per are. Informa Helena Maleno 2018 - Alzando voces - Todas

Thus, individual and collective resistance strategies at the level of organised civil society but also «informal» structures, and solidarity networks that develop in transit and destination to survive are revealed. Among these strategies, migration itself is conceived as a resistance against the situations of violence, poverty and social exclusion faced by countries of origin. "And the normalization of violence during the migration process, in particular sexual violence, is also an adaptation for survival:"You can't live in fear because you die, have to live knowing that you late or early it will pass".

Access to employment and to education, health and conception about the care, maternity and family are issues also addressed in the report. "And collective reflection on stereotypes and negative images about them, about women, and what are their strengths to cope with them:"It is true that we are victims of many violations of rights, is truth that we are black and there is much racism. But we ask to be treated as people, be supported. We are strong, we are powerful and have much to contribute."

Finally, the research contains a set of recommendations in terms of reception, of participation, of equal integration into Morocco; and protection against violence that cross them by their condition of migrants and women. Among them, we highlight the need for multi-stakeholder partnerships to change approaches to approaches to rights protection; break barriers of power; increase the support to the leadership of migrant women and their organizations: encourage more employment opportunities; ensure access to documentation and the health of women and children, and an integral action that incorporates the gender perspective.

The border policy is absurd, just pull the money out the window. Those who control the borders are involved in making us travel to Europe, then what business It is this. "The border policy has a great impact on our lives because this causes the violation of our rights, even leads to death".

The research was presented by Helena Maleno in Marrakech, December 8 in Marrakech, in the framework of the Intergovernmental Conference for the adoption of the Global Pact on migration. He made it through video, because that was not allowed access to the venue of the Conference.

In this 18 d, we commemorate the women. To all those who with their own bodies border regimes challenge to find better opportunities for themselves and for their own. And to all those who also put their bodies to defend these rights. For the right to have rights, and for the right to defend them, thank you Helena.


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