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Exchanging good institutional practice in the fight against the gender violence in Peru and Bolivia

Tuesday, 28 August 2018

Reunión Indira

The exchange of good practice and work experience on the prevention, punishment and eradication of violence against women by public institutions is one of the results of the project strengthening active citizenship and local services for guaranteeing women a life free from violence in the municipalities of El Alto (La Paz, Bolivia) and independence (Lima, Peru), funded by the city of Madrid. Three civil society organizations, the Center for promotion of the Mujer Gregoria Apaza, Movimiento Manuela Ramos and Alliance for solidarity, coordinate and work on this project in a manner coordinated with groups of organized women, authorities and candidates, public institutions and decision makers, in order to monitor, discuss, coordinate actions, and have an impact on the improvement of the design and implementation of laws and public policies in favour of gender equality.

As part of this work, from 13 to 15 August, a delegation of the municipality of Alto, Harry Suáznabar, head of the Municipal unit of comprehensive care for the family, which includes the Ombudsmen for children and adolescents and legal services Comprehensive municipal, Captain Jimmy Gonzales, Director of the special force of fight against the violence of the high, and Sorel López, head of incidence of Gregoria Apaza, accompanied by the team of Alliance by the solidarity-Bolivia and Manuela movement Ramos, has visited Lima to know what challenges that exist in the District of independence (North Lima) in the fight against gender-based violence and in the application of the law 30364, coordination between services and organizations, and the various systems strategies and actions that are being put in place.

At independence we have met with the table of agreement of fight against the family, Sexual violence and the consumption of drug prevention, made up of more than 20 organizations and institutions, public and private, which meets monthly to coordinate and actions of monitoring public policies, access to comprehensive care services to women in situations of violence, and information, prevention and promotion of non-violent social and cultural patterns. We have visited several of the institutions that are part of the table and working in independence, as Commissioner of the family and the Central Police station, the District Council of public safety, the Centre of emergency Mujer (CEM), which offers services free specialized in psychology, legal sponsorship and social work to women affected by violence and other members of the family group, as well as awareness-raising activities. The CEM's independence has made since 2010 more than 50,000 attentions to an average of 207.647 inhabitants.

Reunión Alcalde IndependenciaWe have also held a meeting with the responsible persons of the national programme against family violence and Sexual (PNCVFS) and the Directorate General against gender violence, of the Ministry of women and vulnerable populations (MIMP), which is they shared strategies and policies that the Government of Peru is doing, operativizando 30364 Act and the National Plan against domestic violence (2016-2021), such as the creation of a reformed and specialized justice system for serious cases of violence gender, increase the number of female emergency centers throughout the country, putting up a national observatory which was launched in March this year, and in general a budget increase "of emergency and urgency" of 18 million dollars for the fight against the v iolencia of gender, which has been compromised by the President of the Republic, Martín Vizcarra.
Other important meetings that we have had with authorities have been meeting with the Congressman's new Peru, Indira Huilca, who has promoted several bills that defend the rights of women, and the Mayor of independence, Evans Sifuentes.
This visit corresponds to the second part of the exchange of good practices that began in April when 3 officials of institutions working in independence visited services and public institutions in El Alto.

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