Investigación busca contribuir a la prevención y atención de violencia sexual en Ecuador

Monday, 18 August 2014

With the aim of contributing to government agencies on the prevention, treatment and punishment of cases of sexual violence, and to sensitize school teachers and the general population of the provinces of Azuay, Orellana and Guayaquil, Alliance for Solidarity has made a research on offenders, victims, situations and the status of sex crimes in these Ecuadorian provinces.


The document will be published and distributed in the month of September, we worked on the basis of information provided by the Prosecutor of the provinces and organizations working in welcoming women who suffer sexual violence.

This information has been possible to demonstrate that a large majority of women who have undergone this type of violence are children and adolescents. Research reveals, among other data, that in the province of Azuay the highest percentage of complaints are for the rape (55%) with 13% of victims aged 6 to 14 years. In Coca province Orellana, se analizaron 60 cases of which 60% are rape, with 46.67% of victims from 6 to 14 yearss. En Guayas, We worked with 492 cases, of which 49.4% are of sexual violence.

A pesar de que la Constitución de Ecuador garantiza el ejercicio de los derechos fundamentales de las personas, entre ellos los derechos sexuales, derechos reproductivos y el derecho a una vida libre de violencia, la investigación demuestra con datos, que la sociedad y el Estado, no cuentan con mecanismos de educación continua que garanticen la disminución de la tasa de violaciones sexuales contra las mujeres, adolescentes y niñas. Por otro lado, no se cuenta con un sistema eficaz de protección a las víctimas de violencia, desde la denuncia, durante la indagación previa e inclusive la instrucción fiscal y el juicio, ya que la mujer es revictimizada en todo el proceso.

Some current numbers in Ecuador say that one in four women have experienced sexual violence. Until May 2012, had been reported 2183 allegations of rape, Representing 14 women who suffer daily violations.

Alliance for Solidarity, along with partner organizations who have been working in Ecuador such as Fundación Gamma, Cepam Guayaquil Amazon and Health Foundation hope the information that has research serves to improve the fight against sexual violence in the country.

Apóyanos para seguir manteniendo este trabajo haciéndote soci@, haciéndote voluntari@ o difundiendo este contenido entre tus contactos.

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