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Conference: presentation of the report DesTieRRRadas

Thursday, 13 June 2019


Between 2015 and 2016 counted 2,197 assaults against Human Rights Defenders in Latin America. 54% of the aggressors identified are police, military, civil servants or authorities of different levels of government, most of them in the context of activities of resistance to business projects, part of them starring Spanish companies.

La discriminación de género cuestiona a las mujeres que defienden lo público y que les deja aisladas y sin redes de apoyo. Las defensoras tienen que afrontar las amenazas de las empresas, las instituciones del Estado, la discriminación por su entorno comunitario y familiar, y en muchas ocasiones la discriminación de sus compañeros en las organizaciones. Estas mujeres son perseguidas, acosadas, criminalizadas y en casos extremos, asesinadas por estar inmersas en luchas ambientales. Y su número no deja de aumentar en algunas de las regiones más afectadas.

DesTieRRRadas it seeks to achieve its visibility and, at the same time, an improvement in national and European legal regulations that favours its protection. For this reason, the report se presentará en Bruselas el 19 de junio en los European Development Days 2019. Además, realizaremos actos de presentación en Madrid (20 de junio) y Valencia (25 de junio) para dar a conocer las específicas vulneraciones de los Derechos Humanos que sufren las mujeres que defienden derechos a la tierra, el agua y, en general, el medio ambiente en El Salvador y Guatemala.

In Madrid we will have the presence of Sonia Sánchez and Ana Rutilia Ical, two of the women protagonists of these struggles.

Sonia Sanchez. Human Rights Defender of El Salvador. She is a member of and leads the Women's Movement of St. Thomas and is part of the Mesoamerican Initiative of Women Human Rights Defenders. He has been fighting for years in defense of natural goods against the multinational Inversiones Robles, who has tried by all means to silence it. The company is an urban planner who has cut down more than 30,000 trees, of which 1,300 were centenarians, to build 416 luxury homes. It is the urbanization "Brisas de Santo Tomás". To ensure supply to the urbanization, the Robles Group made a dam in a stream that has reduced the water that reaches the crops in the area. Several artisanal supply wells have also dried. EThe movement led by Sonia Sánchez against this urbanization managed to make itself heard among its neighbors, before which the company began to give gifts to the community and threaten its leaders. For this fight he has had two lawsuits for coercion and defamation and slander by the company. A year of legal process, with a lot of emotional pressure, with financial expenses that no one recognizes, although she was eventually acquitted.

Ana Zara Ical. Human Rights Defender of Guatemala. Ana Rutilia Ical is an indigenous q'eqchi' leader, professor at Rafael Landívar University (Alta Verapaz, Guatemala). She has a degree in Legal Sciences and a social activist, she has been a teacher, announcer, co-founder of the Academy of Mayan languages and a member of the Ombudsman's Office for Indigenous Women of Cobán. She is currently a candidate for deputy in Guatemala. His environmental leadership has taken hold as a result of his fight against the Renace hydroelectric plant on the Cahabón River, which will be the largest in the country and has been built in part by the Spanish company Cobra, belonging to the ACS Group. This hydroelectric plant affects 29,000 indigenous people as it has collapsed the riverbed. Alta Verapaz is the poorest region of the country with the most indigenous population. In 2016, he filed an appeal for protection before the Supreme Court of his country to request the suspension of Renace's work, which builds for the company CMI the Spanish group ACS. At that moment the persecution and harassment against her and her daughters began, a situation that still continues.

PLACE: headquarters of Alliance for Solidarity: C / Jaén, 13-bass. 28020 Madrid

DAY and TIME: June 20, 6:30 P.M.

We will have an aperitif to close the days COME!

Puedes ver el program completo de la jornada here y conocer el informe ejecutivo sobre DesTieRRadas

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