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The Colombian artist Doris Salcedo pays tribute to the leaders and leaders killed

Monday, 17 June 2019


Last June 10 at plaza Bolivar of Bogota, Colombia, and with the participation of hundreds of volunteers who worked tirelessly since the early hours of the morning, was held an artistic intervention of Doris Salcedo to make visible the murders of almost 500 social leaders which took place between January 2016, the signing of the peace agreement in the country, and on May 25 this year.

This time the glass was the material chosen by the artist to represent the breakdown in the social fabric, a fact before which we cannot be indifferent. This installation called 'Losses', which included the names of 165 leaders and leaders selected at random, is the preamble to the first public dialogue of the Commission on the truth on non-repetition in Colombia.

Also 70 leaders from different regions of the country participated in the Assembly. Alliance for solidarity as part of this initiative, with the presence of three leaders who develop a work in the territories of Tumaco and Buenaventura: Luz Dary Santiesteban of the 'Mothers for life', Gisela Díaz organization of the ' Sustainable development of the Colombian Pacific Foundation ' and Aidee Gertrudis Warrior Aguilar of the Association dreams and roots of the Pacific.

Women who also were in Bogota to be part of a roundtable discussion of the network of women victims and professionals expressed some perceptions about this tribute to leaders.

"Forgiveness and memory were the motivation that found Gisela Diaz to take part in this art installation:"Because at the moment in which we take hands and break the glass, we remember all those facts victimizantes"said Diaz."And that brings us to forgiveness and remember these friends and friends who have been violated and who at this time are not with us”.

"In the words of Luz Dary Santiesteban:"I believe that we must applaud the space"."We are also tired of looking at how social leaders are falling. If we do not demand our rights no one more than it requires them"


Aidee Gertrudis Guerrero who also tirelessly worked in the editing of this work, said to be happy be representing Tumaco, Nariño and stressed the importance of this activity to attract attention to the victims of the conflict.

This work comes a year after "Fragments", another work built by Doris Salcedo with the molten metal of 37 tons of weapons delivered by exguerrilleros, and almost three years after installation "Addend absences" that took place in this same square, in that time the names of the victims of the conflict were woven on a white blanket.

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