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The real # MarcaEspaña respect Human Rights

Thursday, 27 June 2013

Solidarity Alliance launches campaign to promote # inversionesresponsables Brand Spain that respects human rights and sustainable development.


Because there's a new way to invest in land in Africa: do it responsibly. With this premise, Alliance for Solidarity Spanish companies is directed to join the commitment to "responsible investment

"Win you. We all win "

The "Win you. Campaign We all win "recommends companies linked to agribusiness and biofuels changes in their ways and invest in Africa to end practices that generate negative effects on the population and contribute to improving the living conditions (Right to food, poverty reduction, women's rights) of people living in rural communities,

Solidarity Alliance will affect publicly to fulfill these recommendations as part of the social responsibility, locally and globally, Spanish companies. To do this, it will emphasize the both economic and social benefits that will generate these changes investment firms, as well as the positive impact they will have on the areas where these companies invest. Convert these new practices in the real "brand Spain".

Benefits to the company:

1 -. Buena responsible press and brand image
. 2 - Advertising: mention of your company on our website and social networks
. 3 - Increase your sales: 80% of consumers prefer brands that have a strong component of RSC

Benefits for communities:

1 - Community Development
2 - Access to employment with dignity
3 - Contribution to ensure access to food for the population

En redes sociales, la campaña se lanzará con el hashtag #inversionesresponsables desde @Axsolidaridad

This campaign is part of the Awareness campaign and advocacy on: Investments responsible for the fight against climate change and biodiversity conservation funded by the Biodiversity Foundation.

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46% of European consumers are willing to pay more for products from companies that do # inversionesresponsables

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