The battle without risk RAPS by the social decriminalisation of abortion in Bolivia

Monday, 17 December 2018


The last Rap battle of the campaign #SinRiesgo He was held on November 24 in the famous square of vineyards in La Paz. This activity was scheduled within the campaign activities linked to Alliance for Andean solidarity, the support of AECID and with a clear theme, the social decriminalization of abortion.

The event featured two types of battles: written and improvised, the latter also with two types of categories: individual and "beds" or duo. For several hours, the square was filled with letters that claimed the need for the decriminalization of abortion, reflected the process of learning, realities and knowledge of the participants on the issue and expressed themselves rhymed arguments of what It meant the termination of pregnancy for women.rap2

The battle had a jury specializing in theme of lyrics and sexual and reproductive rights. The awards granted to winning people in first and second place in each category, will encourage the scenic development in the urban world in which they operate.

Beyond rap battles, what was intended with the activity was a message, develop arguments and promote that young people reflect on how the criminalization of abortion affect greatly to women since it forced to interrupt the unwanted clandestine way and exposing them to situations of risk.

The campaign #SinRiesgo It has been working since artivism (from art activism) through mural workshops, contests for journalists for yearsrap1, Stand Up workshops or workshops of rap made in El Alto and Cochabamba, training youth on issues of sexual and reproductive rights, defending the free decision of the women and informing of the risks inherent in the criminalization of abortion in Bolivia.

In addition to the participants also was on stage with Alandino and Imilla who sang the theme song Amortoincluded as part of the campaign, Lady Jani and the collective Colectribu formed by young people who use rap to convey a message and are aware in the problems of criminalizing abortion.

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