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The campaign "TieRRRa" hopes to stop Coca-Cola from abusing natural resources

Friday, 5 February 2016

Alliance for Solidarity welcomes favorably the initiative of the bottler to compensate for damages caused to the communities of this region with the completion of a draft water and sanitation for 1,500 people.


International pressure from civil society, through joint action of Water Forum in El Salvador and Alianza por la Solidaridad, has tried to stop the company from exploiting the aquifier in El Salvador as well as compensate the community for the damages.

After receiving nearly 7,000 signatures through the campaign TieRRRa , Lina Pohl, responsible for the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources of El Salvador, has officially announced the removal of the expansion project facilities of the company, owned by the multinational SABMiller and subcontracted by The Coca-Cola Company, located in the Salvadoran town of Nejapa.

In addition, the company has announced a project for the introduction of a system of safe water and basic sanitation that 1,500 people will benefit from. Alianza de la Solidaridad believes that this initiative responds positively to demands in civil society we have asked for the fulfillment of genuine corporate social responsibility. However, we continue to ask that their excessive use is limited by 22%, since according to the report released under TieRRRa ,the current level of exploitation exceeds the recharge capacity of the aquifer, which, according to our forecast, will be exhausted in approximately 30 years and leave 30,000 people without enough water to live.

Alliance launched the campaign last June with TieRRRa , which requires leaving the expansion project to that threatens the sustainability of the aquifer which operates in this region. Just one month later, the Minister Lina Pohl visited Spain and met with the leaders of the campaign. After this meeting, the Ministry announced a one-year moratorium for the expansion of this plant while carrying out appropriate measurements to assess the real state of the aquifer.

We congratulate civil society for its achievements in defense of responsible use of natural resources and we ask the company to continue on the path of a committed business with environmental sustainability and human rights to achieve the objectives of this case.

2 Responses to "The campaign 'TieRRRa' hopes to stop Coca-Cola from abusing natural resources"

  1. Alberto says:

    Do notabsolutely believe everything about this organization, although it does permit channeling of the water supply.
    Its aim is to exhaust our natural resources and water that are common goods of the people .. This year extension and perks. shut up, you install a water treatment plant to exploit the aquifer choice. .
    What you all are saying is that you recycle the water in order to spend more money on drinks.
    Bottling it overexploited aquifer in El Salvador withdraws its expansion project and compensate communities for damages.

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