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The minister will submit documentation of the tragedy of Ceuta Parliament

Monday, 17 March 2014


After oppose for weeks at a commission of inquiry, the Minister of InteriorJorge Fernandez pledged last week to deliver to parliament in the House all documentation about the tragedy of Ceuta forwarded to the court investigating the case

As you remember, the 6th of February, at least 15 people were killed on the border of Ceuta when trying to enter Spain in search of a better life for themselves and their families. The use of riot against migrants attempting to cross and contradictions of the Spanish authorities about the tragedy, have been questioned by the migrants themselves and the NGOs we monitor the compliance with the law by our authorities.

Since Alianza por la Solidaridad We quickly mobilized a signature campaign more than 600 people and personally wrote to the Minister to promote the creation of an independent commission to clarify the facts. We congratulate and are confident that public pressure may contribute to clarify the facts. You see, our mobilization and many organizations that monitor compliance with human rights at the border, sometimes worth it.

We pending delivery of the material promised parliament that includes the operating performance of the group of the Guardia Civil, video images of the area of ​​the fence and Integrated External Surveillance System (BUT IF) and audios of talks between agents by digital radio system emergency state. We will inform you.

Looking at the European elections, the authorities continue to push for European migration policies more humane. Furthermore, continue to help migrants in Senegal, Mauritania and Morocco in the flyway and look forward to your help to continue doing so.

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