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Spain Malians are formed to make their voices heard

Tuesday, 29 April 2014
Julisa Jáuregui @ Juljauregui

Solidarity Alliance has launched a series of activities with migrant associations in Spain, in order to strengthen and improve their skills, to be them and them as migrants who bring their experiences, suggestions, and voice their demands to citizenship.


After activities in Andalusia, the last 26 and 27 April formations were launched in Madrid with Malian High Council (ACME). The members of this association in people decided Recent Activities (with Tea-word methodology) work MDG 1 "Eradicate Extreme Poverty and Hunger" and 3 "Promote gender equality and empowerment of women" .

For Alliance for Solidarity is a joy and pride that have decided to invest in work towards equality between men and women. As one participant said: "Our Malian men have a blindfold on, we have to open their eyes. "

The training program was divided by theme:

On Saturday the 26th we worked on awareness campaigns through the audiovisualThrough the review material they could see campaigns and analyze different organizations.

The following module was about oral and written communication, They faced the camera in an exercise message domain that had worked in the previous module in a simulation of a press conference.

On Sunday the 27th we worked the communication through photography with Brazilian photographer and artist Angelica Dass, A member of the volunteer group migrations Alliance for Solidarity. ACME members took to the streets to photograph given the notes gave the photographer, then looked at the photos to assess their work.

Participated in training residents in Vitoria, Barcelona, ​​Jaen, Valencia and Madrid. They have been two days of intense collective work through the theory and practice to improve the knowledge of participantsFurther share these experiences with their organizations to return to their cities.

Training will develop a second portion 17 and May 18, where we will continue working and learning from everyone.

These activities are conducted under the project x MDGs MDGs (Millennium Goals by Migrant Associations), which aims to improve the capacities of European migrant associations to influence the achievement of the Millennium Goals.

X ODM ODM project is in collaboration with two European organizations (GRDR and GAO) Members of the European network EUNOMAD, And began in Spain with the completion of a Migrant Forum last September.

The project objectives are:

Making European public opinion on the MDGs (Millennium Development Goals) through promoting the MDGs commitment (migrant organizations for development)

To facilitate understanding of major global interdependencies to support the development aid policies of the EU Member States and decentralized cooperation.

Significantly reduce any practice of discrimination.

We hope that these formations are one step closer to the fulfillment of these objectives, and to associations and participants are empowered and take ownership of the project.

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