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Our Manual Against Exclusion Reaches Schools in Morocco

Monday, 23 March 2015

Alliance for Solidarity and the organization UNFM use a teacher protocol to help detect minors at risk of neglect or violence in schools in the African country.

infancia Marruecos

Hanifa El Harchami is a psychologist. She is part of the multidisciplinary intervention team team of the association Union of Women of Morocco Beni Makada (UNFM) of Tangier and, like the rest of the team, is accustomed to discovering the tragic situations of many children living Tangier. Hanifa uses simple truancies and sudden/unexpected failures in a chid´s school performance to discover hidden and diverse problems related to the breakdown of the child´s family.These situations require the support of social workers, and in possible cases of sexual violence, require prosecution and legal action.

The UNFM association in Tangier has just launched a project, supported by Alianza por la Solidaridadto improve the detection of these cases and the subsequent intervention in the schools. After two years of work, this project has also benefited from active collaboration with the Ministry of National Education of Morocco, and other public entities of justice, health and social affairs.

Knowing that children spend a lot of their times in school and form trusting relationships with their teachers, the team Femmes Union has provided schools with the tools to more easiy and effectively detect when a child may be at risk of exclusion, and the protocol on how to act when these suspicions are confirmed.

Education and public policies for inclusion

The manual will provide a model of intervention and develop protocols that allow joint action between education and social services. Alianza por la Solidaridad has spent many years supporting the implementation of public policy on the protectin of children at risk of social exclusion.

The country seriously lacks rights for children.There are many children that are exploited for labor, addicted to drugs, abandoned, unaccompanied through migration, or returned without guarantee. The lack of effective social policies to deal with these childrens´ unfortunate cases increases their risk of marginalization.

Our work in Morocco seeks to reverse this situation:

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Alliance for Solidarity spent years supporting public policies to protect children at risk of social exclusion.

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