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Mujeres que suman culturas para defender derechos

Martha Ticonipa, Mery Avin, Paulina and Claudia Wine Ballesteros, four women, the first three indigenous leaders in the municipalities of Pucarani, Apolo, Chulumani and El Alto in Bolivia.

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They, along with others over 200 women en sus municipios han participado de talleres para conocer más sobre sus derechos sexuales y derechos reproductivos para luego pedir a sus autoridades de salud y gobiernos municipales acciones para defender sus derechos y sus prácticas culturales

These women, Aymara, Quechua and Leco have managed to get pap smear campaigns reaching as many who had never practiced this type of testing. They also managed to include in planning one of their local governments, conducting an annual Women's Summit to reach the authorities with demands and proposals to exercise their rights.

Gracias al apoyo de la Generalitat ValencianaInternational Solidarity of Valencia and the Alliance for Solidarity in Bolivia has promoted the work of these Martha, Mery, Paulina and Claudia, among other leaders, who tell their stories during the time of training and meeting with municipal governments to to exercise their rights respecting and incorporating the knowledge of academic medicine and traditional.


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