Action2015, a global movement against poverty, inequality and climate change, is born

Thursday, January 15, 2015

Alliance for Solidarity joins Action2015 to cooperate in global action that will make the future we want possible.

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According to a recent study, if world leaders avoid making key decisions on two major summits on poverty, inequality and climate change, to be held this year, about one billion more people will run the risk of facing extreme poverty,while billions of others will continue facing the hardship.

In cooperation with over a thousand organizations from 121 different countries, we launched a new campaign today called Action/2015.This campaign requires global and local leaders to take urgent action against man-made climate change, poverty and inequality. The summits to be held this year are Special Summit on Sustainable Development, in September in New York, and climate talks (Cop21) in December in Paris, both organized by the UN.

New estimates published by the coalition Action2015 show that, from even relatively minor changes, the number of people living in extreme poverty, that is, on less than $1.25 a day, can be reduced by more than 1.36 billion by 2030.According to research conducted by the University of Denver, if this year´s decisive policies are formulated to prioritize poverty, inequality and climate change ─ and subsequently put into practice─, the percentage of the world population living in extreme poverty could decrease from the 17 percent it is today to 4 percent by 2030. According to estimates produced from other studies based on a larger number of variables, this is the first time in history that the eradication of extreme poverty is possible,and it is the key goal of this campaign.

Action2015 calls on international political will

Without a doubt, if the leaders do not take advantage of these opportunities and instead reduce their efforts towards change, the number of people living in extreme poverty could increase by 1.2 million by 2030. This increase in poverty would be the first since 1993. If this happens, then one in every three people would have to live off of less than $2.00 a day.

The Action2015 movement is one of the largest campaigns launched in history and brings together environmental organizations, human rights and development. The purpose of the campaign is to ensure that the agreements of 2015 are built by the people. Nobel Peace Prize winnerMalala Yousafzai, who put her life at risk to defend the rights to education, said: "2015 must be the year when the world wakes up and makes possible a safer and and more just future for children and youthEveryone must help to reach the goal. Do not waste this opportunity. "

As part of the launch, Action2015 has carried out various activities in more than 50 countries around the world, from Lebanon to Liberia and Nigeria, and from Norway to Sri Lanka and South Africa. Many of these events will be led by teens as young as 15 years old, a age group that will be one of the most affected by the agreements. Maryam Ahmad, a Nigerian activist for the rights of children, who turned 15 this year, said: "Maybe my generation does not make the decisions today, but we will be the ones to ensure that leaders are fully accountable for actions taken this year ".

Alliance for Solidarity participates in networks today to show support for this global movement and all charitable causes that enable us to transform the world. Prove to everyone that you also are #action2015 by sharing a picture of the cause that moves you.


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"2015 must be the year when the world wakes up makes possible a safer and more just future...Do not waste this opportunity." -Malala

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