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Unmet needs in the Philippines

Wednesday, 13 November 2013

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Nuestra socia CERD – Center for Empowerment and Resource Development for Philippines- ya está working to assess damage and needs of the population on the island of Samar, una de las más afectadas por el paso del tifón Haiyan por Filipinas. Las municipalidades más dañadas han sido: Guiuan, Mercedes, Salcedo, Hernani, Balangkayan, Quinapondan, Giporlos, Balangiga y Lawaan.

Balance in the Eastern Province of Samar Island

- Families Affected: 52,726 (155,999 people)
- Homes totally destroyed: 5,481
- Households partially damaged: 12,368
- Missing persons: 65
- Injured people: 3,012


Comida, en especial arroz y alimentos listos para comer. En el mercado local hay gran escasez de alimentos y cientos de personas no reciben la cantidad mínima de calorías al día.

- Cost of 1 Kit of food for a family of 5 2500 Philippine pesos (42.63 Euros)

Emergency shelter, transitional and permanent. More than 17,000 families remain exposed to the elements for lack of tents, blankets and mattresses. It plans to build stores with plastics that last about 6 months using coconut wood that have been destroyed by the cyclone (70% of the coconut have been destroyed), the cost includes materials and tools that complement to be recycled.

- Cost of rehabilitation of one family shelter by 7500 Philippine pesos (127.88 Euros)

Water, sanitation and hygiene. Are urgently needed water purifiers, filters and hygiene kits. 156,000 people have very limited access to clean water due to pipeline damage and lack of electricity or diesel fuel to run the pumps and to boil water and prevent future diseases further aggravate their situation.

- Cost of 1 kit hygiene 2500 Philippine pesos (42.63 Euros)

God bless you. The hospital needs urgent repairs, electricity and access to medicines. The number of medical equipment and pharmacy is very limited due to damage and looting (though only occurred in Guiuan). Furthermore, the population is not receiving psycho-social support.

- No cost analysis have yet.

Educación. Son necesarias tiendas que sustituyan los edificios escolares dañados. La mayoría de las escuelas están severamente dañadas lo que obligará a interrumpir las clases durante varias semanas e incluso meses.

- Not have cost analysis for the moment, an architect will visit them to do the study.

Además, la escasez de combustible dificulta el análisis de los daños y necesidades, las operaciones de socorroThe functionality of hospitals, banks, water and sanitation, and telecommunications to perform effective communication and coordination. Also do not have the necessary tools to build temporary shelters with wood of coconut trees, trucks delivering supplies to the few and relief center provincial, municipal institutions and NGOs are overwhelmed due to lack of supplies

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Images provided by PRRM and CERD

2 Responses to "Unmet Needs in the Philippines"

  1. Cristian says:

    Good afternoon. I am very interested in going to the Philippines to help but can not get any contact for advice. I would appreciate information. From already thank you very much.

    • admin says:

      Hola Cristian. Las comunicaciones no son buenas todavía. Pero nos puedes llamar y preguntar lo que necesites.

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