New news portal LatAm denouncing Fake News on human rights

Wednesday, 27 June 2018
Rosa M Tristan

Alliance for solidarity works in the new Latin American environment with their campaigns and research on rights of women on the continent

la mala fe

Alliance solidarity has joined the initiative of the Latin American consortium against unsafe abortion (Claclai) to launch a news portal, called the Bad faith ( which aims to denounce the 'fake news' in the field of the rights of women, as well as to disseminate information as widely as possible about the actions that are being carried out to make these rights a reality.

"The founders of the bad faith indicate that"conservatism and anti-rights agenda is getting stronger in the region sustained and dangerous way"and that the sexual and reproductive rights of women, LGBTIQ people fundamental rights and the development of a prejudice-free education and violence are at risk before the rise of Evangelical churches and its strategic alliance with factions more conservative Catholic Church, allowing them to infiltrate high instances of States and manage the media, giving voice in these media anti-rights groups making their false information "new truths".

The new portal,, shall be informed about the risks, dangers and challenges affecting those rights in Latin America, analyzing the news from a regional perspective.

Alliance for solidarity, which works in Bolivia in projects for the promotion of sexual and reproductive rights of women and of gender-based violence prevention and care, has joined this new site with #SinRiesgo, launched with eight campaign Bolivian organizations for the dissemination and analysis of the problems generated by the criminalization of abortion.

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