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PayPal 'boycotted' the Palestinian population in Gaza and the West Bank,,es,Wednesday, 29 November 2017,,en,Alliance for Solidarity and Action Aid jointly launched an international campaign to require PayPal to offer its services to the Palestinian population as it does with Israel.,,es

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Alianza por la Solidaridad y Action Aid lanzamos conjuntamente una campaña internacional para exigir a PayPal que ofrezca su servicio a la población palestina al igual que lo hace con la israelí.


Alianza por la Solidaridad, junto con Action Aid, hemos lanzado una campaña para que la plataforma de pago ‘on line’ PayPal, presente hoy en 170 países, no discrimine a la población palestina y extienda su servicio a Gaza y Cisjordania, donde no opera mientras que sí ofrece sus servicios en asentamientos ilegales de Israel en territorio palestino. Este ‘boicot ‘ de PayPal hacia los palestinos y palestinas está afectando gravemente al desarrollo económico y empresarial en ambos territorios, dado que es el método de pago más extendido a nivel mundial para hacer negocios con el exterior y poder recibir y efectuar pagos internacionales.

The campaign, which launches on World Day of Solidarity with the Palesino Pueblo, is centered collecting signatures intended, in the case of Spain, the CEO of PayPal in Spain and Portugal, Raimundo Sala Albert, petition accompanied a letter in which he asked to "respond to the demands of employers and Palestinian organizations, and provide their services available" in Gaza and the West Bank, arguing that "these services provide women and young men Palestinian relief levels of unemployment and poverty, caused the Israeli occupation. ",es

It is estimated that more than 39% of the Palestinian population lives below the poverty line, with unemployment reaching 43% in Gaza, rate reaching 88% for women. United Nations recognizes that 2.3 million people need humanitarian assistance. By contrast, the standard of living in Israel is between 10 and 30 times greater than Palestinian, which has a per capita income of 2,900 euros per year in the West Bank and 1,430 in Gaza. It is an infection caused by an Israeli occupation that controls the borders situation restricts the movement of people and goods and systematically violates the human rights of the Palestinian people.,es

Alliance for Solidarity and Action Aid PayPal consider unacceptable that allow half a million Israeli settlers operate with this payment platform from territories belonging to Palestine, while Palestinians under illegal occupation in the West Bank can not access them.,es

It is being particularly affected the sector of new technologies, one of the few industries that is growing in Gaza and the West Bank, due to an increase in professionals. Thus, the veto is not only a problem for those who want to buy something online, but also for new businesses Palestinian entrepreneurs, who often must forward payments that reach them by PayPal to other platforms, with a loss of revenue that is essential in these territories.,es

En la carta al responsable de PayPal España, Alianza por la Solidaridad le recordamos que 2017 ha sido un año marcado por el 50 aniversario de la ocupación israelí del territorio palestino y que el Consejo de Seguridad de la ONU en su Resolución 2334 (2016) reafirma que la ocupación de tierra de los asentamientos “no tienen validez legal y constituye una violación flagrante del derecho internacional y supone un obstáculo al logro de la solución de dos-Estados y una paz justa, duradera y comprensiva”.

Therefore, we ask respect for the principles of international law and to follow the mandates of the resolution of United Nations Security Council to protect human rights and the Palestinians and start providing services to the Palestinian population.,es

¡Pídele a PayPal que deje de discriminar y que proporcione sus servicios a los palestinos y las palestinas de Cisjordania y Gaza!

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